Error initializing QBPOS application log – QuickBooks POS Error 1000

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QuickBooks is a bookkeeping solution which is used mostly by small and medium industries. QuickBooks offers both desktop and online accounting software. You can now easily track your expenses, run your reports and send estimates. This software makes your life easier and work simpler but there are some occasions when you come across some technical errors which are quite common that hinders your work. One such is error initializing QBPOS application log QuickBooks Error 1000.

Cause of QuickBooks Error initializing QBPOS application log

QuickBooks Error 1000 is an internal error, which you will come across when your QuickBooks desktop is trying to build a connection to company file. You will receive the following error message:

Error: 1000 – There has been an internal error when processing the request.

The reason for the occurrence of this error is QuickBooks corruption. There are times when Intuit Software Development Kit (SDK) is unable to pull data due to corruption. You can face this error mainly with Enterprise Solutions file that are mostly 750 MB in Time Tracking and Receive Payments areas.

There is no specific cause for corruption but some technical issues such as: repeated network outages, constant changing the same transactions over a period of time or unexpected shutting down of QuickBooks software. You can also encounter this error while working in QuickBooks Pro/Premiere for files about 175MB.


Generally, QuickBooks rebuild will resolve this error but that depends. There are certain occasions when you are stuck with this error initializing QBPOS application log. It can only be resolved if you split your large data file (like 1.25 Gig) to split into an ‘old’ file and ‘new’ file or create a new file or send your corrupted file to Intuit Data Services to fix this error.

But what happens when Intuit support are unable to understand this ‘SDK only’ problem. They use rebuild a file to resolve most of the errors but SDK issue is a different problem. According to developers, SDK is an overriding concern. If you receive a SDK return message which states that it is not successful in pulling data then no matter what happens this data can’t be pulled.

QuickBooks POS Support

The above solution is recommended by Intuit, but due to some issues this error still prevails then you should get in touch with QuickBooks support. Alternatively,you can seek help from other QuickBooks consultant agencies like QuickBooks Customer Support. It hires experienced QuickBooks professionals with in depth product knowledge. They assure first call resolution to all QB errors and queries. Connect with them through the Toll Free number +1-800-935-0532 and fetch instant support.

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