Point of Sale

Point of sale (POS) is revolutionary add-on software that offers you traditional POS, retail accounting, customer relationship and Inventory Management features in a single packed application. However, POS integrated with your software and you can track real-time sales and purchase orders at ease. This integrated process also makes it easy for the users to keep an eye on their inventory and other related tasks.

The more devices a certain Point of Sale program operates with, the more sales you are likely to make, and we provide you top services with a wide variety of equipment and tools compatibility. The best equipped with all new tools and its enhanced features do not require any practical knowledge to understand it.

UsinPos provides you a wide range of services. So, if you’re using it for the first time or you’re a regular user and facing difficulty in integration, management, accounting, etc then feel free to get in touch with our POS Customer helpline toll-free number or drop an email. We provide both the services available 24*7 assistance from our end. Since Point of Sales integration is a technically defined process and you involve yourself in this process then it is recommended you must check that it is actually customized as per your business requirements. Moreover, you can contact the experts team to provide you the complete guide with the best relevant solutions.

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We are technically proficient in order to deliver POS related services with our highly qualified and trained experts. Connect with the team for instant solutions to get rid of any issue associated with POS.

If you are running out at the busiest hours of your business and Point of Sale (POS) is creating problems at the same time. In such cases, all your transactions get restricted and your business suffers from a great loss. Don’t panics just chat  with our with the experts team in no time? The team provides an immediate response to your issue so that it can be resolved without any delay.

We provide the Point of Sale (POS) services include TouchBistro, Square, Vend, Shopkeep, Shopify POS and Revel POS. There are more services that we provide are listed below:

POS Customer service

You can avail of our experts advice at any point of time via web or mobile. We also provide assistance to hardware along with software assistance so that you can grow your business one level up.

POS iPad service

Our highly experienced team available all round the clock caters to all the issues associated with POS for iPad. With the help of our best assistance, iPad POS provides you remote service so that you can manage your projects, installation, and consultation with ease.

POS Software service

Looking for POS software assistance then connect with the team via Chatbox. It provide you all concerned that meets your software requirements.

Desktop POS service

If you are using the Desktop version, then integrate POS with the desktop version. Facing issues during integration, getting in touch with the team provides you with complete guidance and further mechanisms without any delay.


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To connect with the team, you need to fill the inquiry form that you can find on the right side of the homepage. Our responsive team is available all round the clock to provide anytime assistance.

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    Point of Sale Hardware

    Tailor POS Hardware to your business


    Inventory Scanner POS

    The hardware is fitted with revolutionary features and resources that combined with accounting software create an unfailing check or inventory-keeping program. The Tool provides mobile advantages because it is wireless and is fixed with a user-friendly interface that allows it to keep from the dashboard window itself on all stock movements…

    Hardware Bundle Large QuickBooks POS

    Hardware Bundle Large POS

    Point of Sale hardware tool with EMV compatibility offers you a comprehensive solution for complete congeniality with EMV Pin Pad ensuring the swift completion of the POS tasks. It is important that the consumer has an activated account with Payments system through which payment of the software can be easily processed…

    Credit Card Terminals QuickBooks POS

    Credit Card Terminals POS

    It allows users to accept the widest variety of payments quickly, easily, and securely. It is especially designed to fit your business needs and boost your bottom line. By helping you monitor inventory, manage staff, improve customer loyalty, and accept payments all on a single, integrated system, it can help change the way you operate…

    Cable USB QuickBooks POS

    Cable USB Point of Sale

    This is one of the main hardware in the POS framework. You can easily set up a USB cable that includes an internal power supply, full mounting kits and payroll for example. It lets users communicate with other apps in a simple way…

    Wireless Barcode Scanner QuickBooks POS

    Wireless Barcode Scanner POS

    Wireless barcode scanner allows users to freely move the scanner to the inventory instead of moving the inventory to the scanner, thus you can easily save time and money. In addition, a portable scanner increases reliability by having a wider range of scans, often up to 200 feet. This cordless machine provides a hands-free display model to match the retail environment’s unique needs…

    Pole Display QuickBooks POS

    Pole Display for POS system

    Pole display is used to display important transaction information to customers, including individual products or the total amount due. Although they offer up to 2-rows of 20-character details traditionally, newer models also add some of the additional features including full color displays and more…

    ipad quickbooks pos

    iPad Point of Sale

    A tool with better customer service helps you in streamlining your sales process at ease. It has unique features for inventory as well as customer management. With the help of iPad POS, you can save cost as well as ease of employee training…

    Barcode Scanner QuickBooks POS

    Barcode Scanner for POS system

    It is one of the key components to any Point of Sale system. It’s important to have the right scanner to ensure your checkout process is quick and simple whether you are running a pet shop, wine shop or jewelers boutique…