How to Set up Account for QuickBooks Bank Feed?

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Like any other software, QuickBooks also has issues that users face. One such issue is QuickBooks Bank Feed Not Working and this can be a temporary outage or can happen over a long period or permanently.

However, there are ways to resolve the issue. This article will take you step by step on how to address the issue and resolve it. In case you cannot resolve it, Set up QuickBooks Bank Feed there is always the option of contacting the QuickBooks expert team.

🔰 What is QuickBooks Bank Feed?

The QuickBooks Bank Feed feature of QuickBooks enables you to link your banking transactions automatically with QuickBooks. Any transactions that you have made throughout the day will automatically feed the banks. This is possible by connecting your online banking and credit card accounts with QuickBooks.

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Later when you import the transaction data, you can match it with the transaction that already exists and is recorded in your database. You can also use codes for your transactions in QuickBooks. All these make reconciling super easy at the end. To ensure that one needs to set up the bank feeds correctly or else there will be issues with bank feeds.

🔰 How to Identify That There is an Issue?

Well, once you have decided to reconcile and update you might see the dreadful orange exclamation mark beside the amount in QuickBooks. When such an error has occurred it is possible that any of the following three is the cause of the issue.  However, Set up QuickBooks Bank Feed all they can be fixed.

🔰 Possible Cause 1: Connection Problem with the Bank

A transaction was to be retrieved by QuickBooks but it was not possible because the bank failed to respond. This error can be fixed easily among the three and all you have to do is click a button. This is also a temporary outage and can be rectified by waiting for the next automatic update or doing a manual update or you can follow the next steps in resolving it.

🔰 Fixing the Issue

🔱 You will see the Update button on the QuickBooks screen on the top right. Click on the button. Once you click on it the message ‘hey, sorry about that – I was kind of busy earlier, here are your transaction’ will appear.

🔱 Once this message is displayed you should start getting the bank feeds without any further issues.

🔰 Possible Cause 2: Change in the Password

For security purposes, most banks now require you to change your password after a stipulated time. However, when we change the banking password we rarely remember that it will affect the other synced programs and apps with the bank.

So if you keep forgetting to change and update the password of QuickBooks after you have changed and updated it in the banking then you might face the issue of bank feeds not working. This can be seen as an extended outage caused due to incorrect or inadequate credentials that have been established within QuickBooks, server, or the participating bank. You can rectify it by logging into the bank account and checking it.

🔰 Fixing the Issue

🔱 Go to the Banking Centre

🔱 Look for the pencil icon, which should be on the account tile’s top right

🔱 Click on the icon

🔱 Next click on ‘Edit sign-in info’

🔱 This will open the screen where you have to update sign-in. You update the User ID and password so that the transaction flow can start again

🔰 Possible Cause 3: Connection of the Bank Feed is Corrupted

This is caused when the connection is corrupted and broken between QuickBooks and Bank. In such a scenario the account needs to be disconnected and reconnection has to be established again. Set up QuickBooks Bank Feed This can be viewed as forever outages as it will continue to be like this until the connection is deleted and then re-established.

🔰 Fixing the Issue

🔱 Go to the Banking Centre

🔱 On the account tile’s top locate the pencil icon

🔱 Click on the pencil icon

🔱 A new pop-will open with the options ‘Edit sign-in info’ and ‘Edit Account Info’

🔱 Click on Edit Account Info

🔱 In a new pop-up click on the box beside the message ‘Disconnect this account on save’

🔱 Click on Save and Close

🔱 Once again go back to the Banking Centre

🔱 Follow the steps of reconnecting the account

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact our QuickBooks POS Expert on / so the problem of QuickBooks Bank Feed Not working is resolved.

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