Integrate QuickBooks POS with Third Party

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Here we have explored the steps to integrate your QuickBooks POS with Third Party. It is one of the excellent features that are accessible to help your business grow and become simpler. There are various companies out there who offer excellent third-party integration services with QuickBooks POS. At POSTechie, we offer you reasonable integration services of your QuickBooks POS with the third party application.

Third party application system can help in assessing, management of orders, timekeeping, client administration, etc. Our team can also enable you to integrate the data you require into QuickBooks.

Can QuickBooks Online directly integrate with the 3rd-party merchant services?

QuickBooks Online can directly integrate only with QuickBooks Payments merchant services. You can’t transfer or process the transactions directly with some other merchant accounts into the QuickBooks Online.

To record the transactions of a credit card from the third-party merchant services provider:

  • Record your payment.
  • Click on the Plus icon that appears on the top of the screen, and then receive the Payment.
  • Fill out the required sections.
  • Select the Un-deposited funds as a deposit account.
  • Click on the Save button and then close it.
  • Record your deposit.
  • Click on the Plus icon that appears on the top of the screen, and then click the Bank Deposit.
  • Check the mark to the box prior to the payment which you need to deposit.
  • Submit the charges of your credit card as a negative sum into the Add funds options that appear under the deposit section.
  • Click on the Expense account that you are using in order to track the fee.
  • Make sure the deposit amount is not wrong.
  • Select the Save button and then close it.

The integrated POS systems enable you to utilize any tool to access data from anyplace.

Our QuickBooks POS Support Team will help you with integration Quickbooks POS in the following ways:

  • We will offer maximum security and reliability to your business with the assistance of our best quality integration services.
  • Integrate the QuickBooks POS with third-party application easily.
  • Configure the merchant account in QuickBooks. With this, you may start billing your clients directly from the QuickBooks application.
  • You can integrate an online store with the QuickBooks for precise and accurate accounting for online as well as offline purchases.

There are wide assortments of benefits if you are choosing our best integration services of QuickBooks POS with the 3rd party applications. Call our POSTechie QuickBooks POS support team number to know more: /. QuickBooks POS support team is always there to assist you and provides the most suitable resolution in a very short time.