What is QuickBooks Direct Deposit? – Pay Employees with QuickBooks Direct Deposit

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Tired of making paychecks for your workers manually? The QuickBooks direct deposit is a simple method to spare time on payroll, however, how does the QuickBooks direct deposit works? QuickBooks enables you to utilize direct deposit for both vendors as well as employees (Direct Deposit solution service may cost additional relying upon which QuickBooks payroll plan you pick). Trust it or not, it’s genuinely easy to set up the direct deposit. QuickBooks solution the utilization of direct deposits, encouraging the generally repetitive and tedious undertaking of paying your workers.

Important Note: In case you want to utilize this feature, you’ll have to sign up and activate the direct deposit in the QuickBooks. The requirement for the QuickBooks direct deposit incorporates the accompanying features:

  • A guide QuickBooks version
  • Active payroll subscription of QuickBooks
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Internet connectivity

How to Use the QuickBooks Direct Deposit?

Here I will tell you first how to set up the direct deposit into the QuickBooks application and how to pay the users by utilizing the direct deposit.

You may set up your QuickBooks direct deposit during the setting up your payroll or by visiting Employee section> then click on the Payroll Info> now open Direct Deposit.

Step 1: Enter the Company Information

In order to set up the company for direct deposit in the QuickBooks program, verify the information of your company incorporating the legal name and address, Employer Identification Number, and industry. You can update any owner detail if required.

Step 2: Enter the Bank Information

Here, enter the information of the bank of your business. Choose the bank account that you need to pay the employees from. Then enter the legal name and routing number as well as account number which is associated with the bank account. Lastly, hit the agree button for the terms and conditions that appear at the bottom of the window.

Step 3: Set the Security Limits

QuickBooks will now influence you to enter the three security checks. Utilize the drop-down menu options and then select the exact options for the business.

Step 4: Activate the Direct Deposit

In order to verify the bank account of your business, QB will charge you two small amount for verification. When you see those charges on the banking records, you can activate your QuickBooks direct deposit.

Step 5: Verify the Direct Deposit

When you see the two charges for verification in the bank records, then visit the Employee section > click on the My Payroll Service> open the Activate Direct Deposit. Now Input the two small charges and then click the “Next” button in order to finish the verification of your bank account.

Step 6: Enter Employees’ Direct Deposit Information

Since your organization is set up for the direct deposit, ensure you’ve included the information of the representatives that have approved direct deposit. To do this, visit the Employee section > then click the Employee Center and choose the employee whom you need to set up with the direct deposit. When you can see that employee’s information, then visit the “payroll Info” and then select the “Direct Deposit.”

Tap the “Utilization Direct Deposit for this employee” dialogue box and then enter the accompanying information such as bank name. Account type, account number, and routing number. You can likewise pick whether to direct deposit the entire sum or split the sum. Now click the “OK” button once done. And after that click, the “OK” button on the employee window to ensure the data has been saved accurately.

Step 7: Run Payroll

Presently you are ready to run payroll utilizing direct deposit! Now follow the guidelines from prior to run payroll. When you get to the last window, then click on the “Send Payroll To Intuit” option in order to pay your representatives through direct deposit.

Step 8: Enter Direct Deposit Pin

You will be given a direct deposit pin which you have to input in order to confirm the transactions.

Step 9: Print Pay Stubs

Once you’ve effectively paid your workers utilizing direct deposit. Visit the File menu > then go to the Print Forms>Now click the Pay Stubs to print the pay stubs into the QuickBooks.

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