QuickBooks POS Unauthorized Please Login Again

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You have installed the QuickBooks POS on your computer. The QuickBooks POS helps you in the fast and easy processing of your credit card. When you have successfully created the account and added the payments with your payment system which is integrated with the QuickBooks POS, you may utilize the debit and credit cards for the payment transactions.

When the transaction procedure is started, you will see an error code QuickBooks POS Unauthorized. “Please Log in again”. Here we have described the causes and resolution of this error. Just follow the points mentioned below.

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🔰 What Causes of QuickBooks POS Unauthorized

⏩ You don’t have the latest version of QuickBooks POS

⏩ You haven’t upgraded your QB Desktop software

⏩ Loose Internet Connection or your phone

⏩ The QuickBooks POS system has been closed down. Remember that every communication on the network goes via one computer as needed in your company preferences of QB POS. In case this PC has been shut down, then other workstations won’t be able to connect, and hence your user authorization will also fail.

⏩ In some cases, you may have entered the incorrect user Id or password.

⏩ Your Account is not linked with the Merchant Service of Intuit etc.

🔰 Steps to Resolve the Issue

In order to resolve the issue, you can apply the following mentioned steps:

⏩ Initially, ensure that you have installed the latest QuickBooks POS on the workstation. Ensure that you installed QuickBooks POS 18 that is the most recent version presently.

⏩ Additionally, Make sure you have the latest QuickBooks Desktop application. In some cases, uninstalling of the software and then re-installing will works. Now download the latest version and install it again.

⏩ The “User authorization” will fail sometime when Phone or internet Connection drops the signals. You have to check the Internet connection or the phone line. Make sure that they are not losing, you must configure it accurately and working before you try to connect for the payments transactions.

⏩ If you utilize a dial-up connection for the payment via QuickBooks POS, ensure that none of the programs is accessing your modem. You must close every program which is running.

⏩ Sometimes you are unable to authorize the transactions of the card on your linked workstations if your QuickBooks POS system is closed down. Then, reboot the QB POS on your designated system.

⏩ You may also go with the “manual voice authorization” in order to resolve the issue.

If you are still facing the problem after following the given steps then connect with our UsingPOS QuickBooks POS Solution team. We offer reliable QuickBooks Point-of-sale solution for QuickBooks POS and its related components.