Customize Receipt in QuickBooks POS

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QuickBooks helps the user in both making invoices and recording the payments. In any case, did you know there’s a different sort of sales archive which you can utilize in specific circumstances: the receipt of the sales? You’d presumably be well on the way to utilize a sales receipt once the customers will pay you in full for the items or services they utilize.

You can use and customize the form templates

Basic customization

The basic customization screen fills in as a decent beginning stage for customizing your formats/templates. There are two kinds of ways to get to it:

  • Now select the Templates option from QuickBooks Lists dialogue box, and then tap the double click on the template that you want to customize.
  • Visit the Formatting option right from the transaction form and then select the Manage Templates option.

Manage Templates: Once you choose this option, you will get to the window where you may see the list of formats/templates for a particular form. You can easily Copy; erase or Download the Templates (only applicable in the US). If you want to rename your format, you can simply distinguish and utilize it.

Include your logo: Select the dialogue box “Use logo” in case you need your company logo to show up on your receipt and different forms. In case you haven’t already utilized a logo, a window opens where you can choose a logo. In case you have been utilizing a logo and need to change it, pick the Select Logo option in order to choose the picture you need to use.

For the best outcome, use a logo picture that is in the square. Your logo picture will be adjusted in the space of the square. You likewise need to utilize .jpg format rather than the formats or templates that have the transparent background (.png, .gif, .tif). This averts pixelated logo.

Change colors and fonts: This part enables you to customize fonts and colors for specific points of interest (Company Name, Data, Labels, etc.) utilized as a part of the form.

In the Company and Transaction Information region, you can choose the contact details you need to show up on the receipt. You can likewise change any of this data by clicking the Update Information. Once you include the information, you have to choose the Layout Designer.

Extra Customization: Choose this button in order to get to the window where you can add/delete the information on header, or columns as well as form footer as they show up on the screen and printed copy. Keep in mind that you may assign a very catchy title for every header, footer, and column. You can likewise set printing alternatives (Print introduction, and so on…) by clicking the Print button.

Template Designer: You have to visit the Layout or Template designer particularly in the event that you pick to add or delete the columns/header from the Layout. Format designer enables you to move or resize things and data on the template.

Print Preview: The correct side of the window gives you a snappy view of the format and the progressions you have made so far. When you pick the Print Preview dialogue box, you’ll perceive how the form may look like when printed.

  • Copy or make a duplicate of the template
  • This function enables you to apply the format and design of the customized layout or templates (such as a receipt) to a different layout type (such as packing slip).
  • Now select the Templates right from the Lists menu.
  • Choose the template that you need to copyright from the Templates list.
  • Select the Duplicate right from the drop-down list of Templates.
  • Choose the kind of form that you need this layout copy to be utilized for.
  • Select the OK button.
  • You may now utilize the Duplicate copy of the layout/template along with the sort of form which you demonstrated. You have to change the template name and the title.

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