How to Fix QuickBooks POS Error 10060

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QuickBooks POS error 10060 happens when the network connection is not working or timed out. The users who use credit or debit card for transactions must need the proper and active network connection. There may be many more reasons that cause the QuickBooks POS error 10060. Here is the solution that you can do according to the problem you are suffering from.

Causes for Error Code 10060 of QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS Error Code 10060 mainly found due to the following reasons,

  • EFT server problem, issues in socket connection,
  • Connection block by security software, etc.

Solution to fix the QuickBooks POS Error 10060

Various solutions are there that you can opt for according to the cause you are suffering from. Do follow the process accordingly to get resolve the error smoothly.

Solution 1- If the network connection is blocked by the security software

  1. Firstly, disable the security applications if you have installed any in your system
  2. Try to do the transaction again
  3. Now if error doesn’t appear then  it is resolved

Solution 2- New Data file is created

  1. In the QuickBooks, go to the file menu option
  2. In the file menu, click on the Company data
  3. Then click on the New button
  4. Do name it as test and also give the identity to the new data file
  5. Go to the Edit menu and then click on the Preferences
  6. Now select the company
  7. Then select the option Merchant Service and then fill the details
  8. After that click on the Save button
  9. Go to the menu option Tools and then in drop-down option click on the User information
  10. Do open the POS and then process the card again

Solution 3- Socket is not connected

  1. You need to check the socket connection that it is done properly or not
  2. Do check that the wires are properly tightened and if not then do it
  3. Now check that its working or not

Solution 4- Use the system where credit card is in process in case of many workstations

  1. Click on the Edit menu and then select the option Preferences
  2. Do choose the company and select the communication setup
  3. Tick-mark the option “Use this system for all credit card and debit card transactions”
  4. Save all the changes to proceed further
  5. You need to close the Window in which you are working and then reopen the Point of Sale
  6. Click on the Navigate Tools menu and then click on the User Information
  7. Check and verify that the WS-EFT is under the workstation
  8. If it is yes, then you can process the card.

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