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A point of sale (POS) software has made the marketing and business easier, convenient and faster. It is the place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services, and within your system eases the work related to the tacking, service of the business and sale of the product. With POS all the information related to product and service like price, quality, quantity etc. is easily tracked as a record and authenticity for future. The customer’s issues can be avoided like tailor purchasing, out-of-stock sales, and marketing to consumer behavior. Today, almost everywhere POS has become very essential software not only in business retails but also in retailers. There is ‘n’ number of industries, markets, shops and malls who have entered into the era with an expectation to reach the goal in terms of growth, development, and prosperity.

Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale

Lightspeed Retail was made with an idea to be accessible at any place at a given point in time. This software was designed with a motive to supply product to any part of the USA in all kinds of retailers like a mall, apparel, shops, home delivery, décor sellers, and industry or may be any kind of business entrepreneur. This product has been made keeping in mind the need, requirement, and affordability of the consumer in the POS system.

By Using Lightspeed Software

a user can handle transaction, issues, accuracy, manage inventory and can give an in-depth look at product details and information. Lightspeed retails can be useful and can help the business in several ways like using the solution as it enables them to meet their POS need considering the nature, size, price, quantity of the product. It is basically an E-commerce system that has been convert business from print to digital medium that enables the customer to order on-site or online. Using the Lightspeed software’s online, it means switching between management and sales that can be accomplished quickly and easily. With this, we can also come up with serial numbers, which work more conveniently and accurately. A matrix system provides you with a platform to make product variations, which include size, material, and color.

Why choose Lightspeed Point Of Sale Retail ?

Lightspeed Retails aims to make small and mid businesses rub smoothly and cater to a large area in a very limited time. The tools integrated are design in such a way to manage single to multiple locations. Some of the most important benefit and facilities that are design for the users are listed in this article;

  • It Increases mobility: It provides the staff with a perfect tool to utilize their skills and increase their flexibility for the growth of the business. It also develops the customer experience and satisfaction by interacting with the IOS device that creates a positive image of product and business in the eye of the target audience with the detailed information and high-resolution images.
  • Its increases the competency of the business: Lightspeed Retail not only created the retail purchase order quickly but also keep an order of the food orders. The staff can also save time so that they can also concentrate on additional work, interacting with customers.
  • It provides the user with expert assistance: The guide professionals are available 24*7 to provide experts live chat to manage your business smoothly. They provide you the best solution to run an independent business.
  • Flexibility in cloud solution: It has been design in such a way that it can access anywhere, anytime, on any device for maximum profit and flexibility. It also protects your system by keeping it secure and up-to-date.

Lightspeed Retail team:

The success of Lightspeed Retails to deliver service to over 100 countries is an effort, dedication, and visibility of the extremely talented and terrific team member. They ensure that all the issues encountered by customers are fix before the given time. The motive to provide the best service and cater anywhere, anytime, in any business, the Lightspeed team make sure that each and every customer is getting the best facilities and services. Initially, it started with the handful of business but the team dedication is making Lightspeed Retail one of the most important software to run the business smoothly and with flexibility.

Hardware Requirement

Almost all the software and programming application comes with its own sets of hardware and system. One of the most important for Lightspeed Retails is that it functions smoothly in a stable mode of the device. However, hardware requirement depends on the different set of devices available.

The First Fully Integrated System

With this hardware device, the user is assure to maintain the authenticity of the devices used. For this, the user must register completely under Lightspeed generator POS device.

Intelligent Software Included

You can now keep a track or record of your business sales and customers, making it more accurate, and faster.  Along with proper systematic management of the stock and establish a customer database from one POS system.

Speed Up the Sales Process

It completes the sales process quickly and frees up the line of customers through customer-focused display letting them buy products at half the speed generally taken.

iPad hardware kit

This hardware bundle always helps the customers to build the perfect wireless experience, whether you’re using an iPad POS stand or walking around the store with your iPad, LAN receipt printer includes

  • Bluetooth scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Lightspeed iPad stand
  • Receipt paper

Desktop hardware kit

All of the equipment you need to create a clean and modern setup in your store is provided by Lightspeed’s desktop hardware kit.

  • USB receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • USB scanner

Individual hardware included:

  • Zebra label printer: Lightspeed provides assistance to Zebra label printers for various product labels of various sizes.
  • Cash drawer: This can be direct connect with the printers and serial
  • Bluetooth barcode scanner: The Bluetooth scanner is certified by Apple and integrates effortlessly with Lightspeed’s iOS app.
  • USB barcode scanner: The USB barcode scanner is easy to use, integrates effortlessly to your POS and is long-lasting enough for high-volume retail.
  • TSP100: Reliable and fast printer with modern functionality for POS environments.
  • TM-m30: These printers have top-load or front-load configuration options with the help of triple interface connectivity.

Option for the Silver Edge leasing:

Please speak to Lightspeed point of sale partner Silver Edge for those who are interest in leasing hardware;

  • iPad Pro & stand
  • Cash drawer
  • Star TSP Lan 100
  • Barcode scanner
  • Zebra label printer
  • Dejavoo z9

Lightspeed Retail Register:

  • Lightspeed Retail system saves time and has centralized purchasing and time by ordering from integrated catalogs
  • Sell bundled, serialized or unique items and easily manage multiple variations
  • Track unit costs, dusty inventory data, and get low-stock alerts

Common Issues found in Lightspeed Retail

For most of the user, Lightspeed retail will serve with the latest and most interesting facilities. However, there are some users usually come across some common issues while operating the software. Some of the most common and recent issues are list below;

  • It is not cost effective
  • There is an agreement and difficult to get out of Lightspeed retail

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