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POS Software enables retailers to easily manage their business operations from a central point. It is basically a vessel for entering and maintaining product sales, pricing and financial transactions to facilitate marginal duties and accounting reports. It also communicates with inventory levels to maintain balance in business operations keeping the internal employers and customers happy and satisfied. Brick and mortar retailers are also moving towards learner systems that operate on tablets and smart phones and avoid unnecessary expenditure of thousands of dollars when done on complicated systems. It is not just retail stores but also ecommerce store owners, who sell at craft fairs, farmers markets, and trade shows, find interest in this easy-to-us sale solution.

 Revel System POS

Founded in 2010 Revel System POS is an app that manages POS through a single intuitive interface. It is developed with powerful tools, integrating inventory tracking and employee management, sales reporting and customer relationships in a single platform. It has a fully customizable API and Graphical User Interface (GUI) windows. As it offers a special feature- rich POS solution for any business operations and security features PCI-P2PE compliance, it has gained popularity amongst retailers from all business sizes, from small ecommerce to global enterprises.

The system provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

That records customer data like purchase history, preference, and more. The system collaborates with all sizes business looking to implement cutting-edge technology, that improve efficiency, increase in revenue and improve employees and customers experience. With the introduction of Revel Marketplace, users are now able to directly integrate into third-party enhancements that include mobile payments, online ordering, gift cards and pre-financial software suites.

 Why choose Revel System POS?

The following features give you the perfect reason why should opt for Revel POS.

Functional Mobile POS System.

Revel POS experts advise functions in a key component that allows cashiers to function in complete mobility. Create settings to automatically add multiple tax rates, discounts, service fees, at the time of sales.  Without having to move around the host or cashiers can assigned posts to- go delivery, repeat/remove item, enter special discount/requests and add quantities by editing settings in the edit item. In addition the user can void payments, allow tips, split bills, email receipts, print/reprint receipts, as well as type in card numbers of the reward.

Real time inventory.

This Point of Sale software accords user with the option of monitoring and keeping track of the available inventory. Low stock items are listed in the inventory page with Reorder button. Also, style matrix is available for easy mass entry of inventories that are alike but varies in colour, style, or size. Furthermore, Revel can handle retail fuel sales and manage Ingredient-Level Inventory.

Customer Management.

Revel tracks customer purchases and necessary information which are further used to create mass marketing campaigns or to cross-sell other items. Revel has designed a creative system, where you can customize table reservation by adding customer preferences. Also includes features like Tableside ordering, mobile and online ordering, and customer-facing display allowing customers to have fun and exciting experience.

Employment Management.

Each employee is given their own unique and secure PIN-activated login or swipe card. This allows the manager to automatically track employee performance, activities, time within the system without having to waste time and money. The manager can also organise employee’s payroll and work schedules.

Purchase Order Management.

In addition Revel helps manage your inventory with vendors. It manages when stock items arrive and add to your inventory. You can also note partial records when you receive only a portion of your stock from the vendors and later finalize the order once it is complete.

Safe and Secure Servers.

Revel’s Data centres are PCI compliant and certified by SAS 70 Type 2. All data like credit card number information is encrypted and never stored and is backed up on a regular basis on their own database.

Hardware Requirement

Revel exclusively works with Apple iOS devices, and offers complete sets of hardware required which you can purchase on its sites. Check out the hardware your Revel System requires.

  1. Apple iPads.
  • iPad 2017.
  • iPad Pro.
  • iPa d Mini 4.
  1. Barcode Scanner.
  • Motorola Bluetooth.
  • Honeywell Orbit Barcode Scanner.
  • Honeywell Voyager 1250g Handheld Barcode Scanner.
  1. Cash Drawers and Stills.
  • VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer.
  • M-S 16’’ Cash Drawer.
  1. POS Stand.
  • Revel L Stand (white).
  • Revel C Stand
  • Reve l L Stand (night).
  1. Router and WI-FI access point.
  • Linksys E1200.
  • Revel Ethernet Connect.
  • Caller ID PS2 Ethernet Link.
  • Meraki Access Points.
  1. POS Printer.
  • Epson TM-m30.
  • Zebra LP plus.
  • Star Micronics LAN Thermal Printer.
  • Epson Ready Print T20.

How to install and upgrade Revel System POS.

Here are the steps that you can follow to set up your Revel System POS.

  1. Connect your system to the internet.
  2. Configure the Stand in the desired location and mount the iPad.
  3. Configure your Router.
  4. Visit Revel University
  5. Set Up Your Access Point.
  6. S et Up Your Credit Card Swipe.
  7. Set Up Your Access Point.
  8. Se t Up Cash Drawer.

Common issues with Revel System POS.

Revel System provides its users the best platform suitable for all business size management. It comes with a POS system with integrated inventory management functionality. However, the user sometime experiences problems with the system. Some common issues encountered with Revel System POS can be noted as highlighted:

  • Diagram error- this mostly occurs when there is problem in the network.
  • Logging issue- sometimes the user is unable to log into the system when an incorrect password is entered or the user is incapable to use the system.
  • Viewing reports- clients sometimes face difficulties in viewing reports on the Management Console. This problem can be solve by clearing the cache to reinitialize the reporting.
  • Problem in online menu display/updates- the system fails to display the online menu. This can be solve by simply clicking on the Refresh Menu button in the Online Ordering Settings.
  • Problem copying modifiers- at times the user faces problems in copying the modifiers onto multiples produces. This occurs when the user needs to make certain changes in the settings.

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