QuickBooks Crashes While Sending Forms

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Many users often face the issue of QuickBooks crashes while sending forms. Since QuickBooks is accounting software it is used for creating and up keeping of invoices, account statements and such financial documents and often such crashes cause serious problems for the users.

The crashing for QuickBooks while sending forms is also termed as Com Error crashes. This article will give a few methods and steps to resolve the issue.

It is recommended that all the methods are used and the steps are followed to resolve the issue, if one method does not work, go to the next method and follow its steps, unless the error is rectified.

Causes of QuickBooks Crashes While Sending Forms

There are various causes due to which QuickBooks crashes while sending forms. Get those reasons below:

  • Incorrect Installation of QuickBooks desktop
  • QuickBooks desktop is missing some file
  • Malware and computer viruses may cause this error.
  • Failed Synchronization between Os and other components
  • The error may occur due to damaged window components and MS office.

When you will get this Error

  • It may occur while emailing an invoice
  • Get Error while opening an invoice
  • while sending forms
  • Which attaching document, invoice, or form
  • When saving document
  • when open check register
  • when open QuickBooks report

Method 1 : Update your outlook to the latest release

Make sure that you are using the latest release of Outlook. If you are not using the updated version, then update now.

  • Open Outlook
  • Select the “File” tab
  • Navigate to “Office Account”
  • Click on the “Update “option
  • Select the “Update Now” button

Method 2: Make Outlook default mail application

  • Go to the Start menu of the Windows
  • Find the Control Panel, click on it
  • Next, go to Default Program and click on it
  • Go to ‘Set Your Default Program’ and click on it
  • A list will appear, from that list select MS Outlook’ and then choose it as the default.
  • Click the OK button
  • Open QuickBooks and try sending the form again. If it does not work go to the next method

Method 3: To Microsoft Account Add another Email Account

  • Go to MS Outlook and choose File Menu
  • From there choose Add Account and click on it.
  • Start to set it up by first entering the email address that you wish to add.
  • Next, choose Connect
  • The correct server will be detected by Outlook automatically. As a user, you have to wait for it identifies the server settings and then selects and click on Connect
  • Next, you should key in the password for the email address and then select OK
  • To complete the setting up of the email account enter OK

Note: You might face the issue with Gmail when adding it to the Outlook. You might get the message ‘app that doesn’t meet modern security standards’ and a mail stating an app had tried to sign in to your Gmail account.

A mail from Google will be sent to you with a link, click on that link and a page will open which will have the following message ‘Allow less secure apps’. Click on the button and switch it on. Then try and add the Gmail account to outlook.

Also in the case of QuickBooks is unable to detect Outlook then to check it go to Edit>Preferences>Send Forms>.  Also, you might have to repair QuickBooks and restart it or create a new user profile for Windows.

Method 4: Update QuickBooks to the latest release

  • Close you QuickBooks desktop
  • Run Quickbooks as Administrator, click on Run as Administrator
  • Go to the help menu click on Update Quickbooks Desktop
  • go to the options tab and select Mark All option and click on the Save icon
  • Now go to “Update Now” and Reset Update checkbox
  • At last, download the update and install it.

Method 5: Mail Settings Toggled

  • Go to the Start menu of the Windows
  • Find the Control Panel, click on it
  • Select Mail
  • From there select Microsoft Outlook
  • From the Mail Setup Window select Show Profile
  • If the default mail program is Outlook you can skip the previous two steps
  • In case the profile radio button is selected already for Always then select the prompt for the profile that you want to use and then choose Apply
  • Always use this profile to toggle the selection back and apply it
  • At the end select and click on OK

Method 6:  Make a new Outlook email profile

  • Close Microsoft Outlook completely.
  • Go to the Start menu of the Windows
  • Find the Control Panel, click on it
  • Select Mail
  • Go to Show Profile and select it
  • Next click on the Add button
  • Under the Profile Name, type the name of the profile that you want and then click on OK
  • Now instruction will appear on the screen to set up an email account.
  • Add the email account and follow the instructions
  • Next click on Always select this profile from the drop-down list.
  • Select the newly created profile
  • Now on Apply then click on OK

This will not make your existing Outlook profile redundant neither will it be removed.

Method 7: Repair Office & Windows Update for Run

  • There might be issues with the Microsoft Office, so if there is a problem with Excel or Word, close and restart them. It might solve the issue.
  • If restarting does not resolve the problem you will have to repair Microsoft Office.
  • Also, ensure that the Windows is updated if not to update the Windows.

Method 8: Compatibility Mode of QuickBooks

  • On the desktop click on QuickBooks and select the option compatibility mode
  • Select and check the box from the Compatibility Mode section, run the program to run in compatibility mode
  • Select Windows 7 from the drop-down list
  • Check the run this program as administrator
  • Click on Apply and then OK.

In case these methods do not resolve the issue, please contact our QuickBooks POS Expert . Our QuickBooks helpdesk is full of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Talk to them by live chat.