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QuickBooks Point Of Sale is one of the most used merchandising solution for small and medium industry. It is available in both desktop as well as online version. It provides you both hardware, software and payment service which will help you in running your retail store. QuickBooks facilitates EMV transactions which helps to secure your sensitive credit card information. Get QuickBooks EMV Help for more.

What is EMV Transaction?

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. Cards which are used for payments come with a EMV standard which is seldom called as a Chip and PIN or Chip and Signature cards. It totally depends upon the authentication means which is employed by your issuer. It is an effort made to provide more security as compared to the magnetic strip card available earlier. These EMV cards provide a high level of security through out your transaction process which will considerably reduce credit-card frauds. You can now easily migrate your business to EMV payments.

EMV standard can be used in both traditional card transaction as well as “contactless” transactions. Contactless transactions are those transactions where you tap your card or NFC processor against a terminal and wirelessly transmit the data.

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Steps to accept EMV Transaction – QuickBooks EMV Help

Here are some steps by which you can easily migrate your business to accept EMV payments which are very secure.

Audit your hardware:

It works easily with your QuickBooks Point Of Sale hardware. It should have simple and stand-alone terminals.

Discuss your EMV hardware options with your merchant acquirer, QuickBooks POS and if necessary Independent Software Vendor (ISV):

If you use your QuickBooks POS solution frequently, it is advised to have your ISV involved in the hardware purchase as they (ISV) will be eminently involved while certifying your EMV.

Purchase your new hardware:

You you are unable to upgrade your payment process which in this case is your QuickBooks POS then you can also purchase a new hardware. This new hardware may have “Chip and Signature” terminal or “Chip and PIN” terminal.

Get your new terminals level 3 certified (If Applicable):

If your payment processor is basically a single credit card reader or it has a “drop-in” solution which works essentially with your POS then it is not required for you to perform any Level 3 certification as QuickBooks POS has already taken care of it.

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Train your employees:

Once you have certified your device, now you will have to train your employees about EMV accordingly. It is just that you will have to keep some key points in mind.

Difference between “Chip and PIN” and “Chip and Signature”:

The Chip and PIN method is mostly used in EMV market. It is quiet similar to debit transaction. There are only a few issues who issue Chip and Signature cards. When your user is using Chip and Signature card, then you might need to upgrade your POS device.

Impart learning to customers on EMV:

You should educate all your customer about EMV standard so that they may be aware how to you their cards. Not only your customer’s transaction will be more secure but transactions made through EMV avoid fraud transaction on a long run.

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The above steps will help you in syncing your QuickBooks POS device with EMV standard cards. It will secure the payments of your customer. It is strongly recommended by Intuit that you migrate your QuickBooks POS as we believe in secure transactions. If you have any trouble in migrating your device you can contact QuickBooks support. They are the third party QuickBooks adviser who have seldom dealt with such problems. They will guide you throughout the process until your problem is resolved. To contact them you have to call them on their Toll Free number +1-800-935-0532.

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