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QuickBooks Point of Sale is one of the most advanced POS software intercepted by Intuit. It easily handles all the requirements of the user and without much fuss keeps tracks of all purchase and sales orders, stock requirements etc. However, just like other software it also features some glitches which at times cause errors. The error faced by some of the users is that the credit card not showing in QuickBooks POS history of sales transaction. For this one of the scenarios faced and retold by one of the customer care executive of Intuit is as follows:

The executive was connected by an aggrieved customer working in the retail (boutique) industry who is employing both QB POS (QuickBooks Point of Sale) and QuickBooks Financial Pro together.

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Error

In the early morning customer’s business made a sale and consequently charge was paid through credit card. The net connection of the business got disturbed the moment card was swiped. In order to ensure double charge is not made, customer tried to verify whether payment was made successfully or not. As the customer was employing card of American Express they connected first and foremost with the company to verify whether the transaction completed or not. The representative confirmed that the credit card transaction went through. Then, she checked their QB POS but the transaction wasn’t showing in their Sales History. She also ran an End of Day report and the charge wasn’t captured. That’s when she contacted us.

For resolution of this problem, the user first needs locate the transactions in accordance with the name of the customer or the amount of the sale transaction. If the user is unable to identify or locate this transaction, it is recommended that they immediately get in touch with customer care of Intuit Merchant Services Department in order to ensure proper charge is made or not. In the scenario described above, the user approaches AMEX first, as they are the client account, to ensure that the payment was successful. It is, however, advised to connect with Intuit as they are Merchant owner and service provider. If the charge went through, then the best step is to enter the sale transaction within QB POS manually. As the merchant service provider is Intuit, it is required for the user to log out of the merchant account and follow it by providing manual update of the transaction in QB POS. Once the changes has been added and transaction has been updated the user needs to login back into merchant account. The main reason for logging out of the merchant account is so that user does not again charge the credit card of the customer. In case the charge was not completed successfully, then the user does not need to manually update transaction. They can proceed through merchant account.

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The above resolution generally works perfectly to recover Credit Card issues with QuickBooks POS in software from the error under the expert guidance of Intuit’s customer care team. However if the error is still persistent and the software is not working properly, it is recommended to connect with approved QuickBooks Point of Sale expert team or call on Toll Free Number +/ QuickBooks pos Support.

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