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Point of Sale software has gained lots of appreciation for its service, especially for the restaurant and retailer business. By using Point of Sale for their business, they can easily keep track of commodity available, orders and ring in sales without manually moving around to get the work done. Most of the businesses have shifted to point of Sale for producing the best probable service and to enhance the business growth. And among them, the most preferred headed under Point of Sale brand is Square.

What is meant by Square Point of Sale (POS)?

The POS software is prepared with the motive to make the entire process automatic from order to payment. With Square POS, the user can maintain track and keep the employees in the eye of authority by simply keeping them informed with all happening and orders. Some among the added features of Square Point of Sale software are:

  • The user can quickly set up and categorize the items in sequence by simply dragging and dropping on the dashboard.
  • Handles the overall menu items and merchandise by dragging them on the window screen as per user requirement and the recognition of the said item.
  • Clients of the users can pick either printed or digital receipt as per their desire.
  • Set goods information and edit them such as a quantity and change in the price of the item.

Proficient Team at Square POS Support

Square Point of Sale (POS) is a massive success in tracing back to a superb team of technical support assuring all the issues countered are solved them within a short time period. With the aim to grow higher with the world, the customer team for POS Square assures that issue is left behind unsolved. They guarantee to deliver the latest and superior quality of service and technology to the customers. The organizations initially begin with just a card reader and now enlarged the service with NFC payment and chip card reader.

Why Choose Square Point of Sale?

There is two main reason any restaurant owner should go to Square Point of Sale as listed below:

  • Employee Access & Authorisation Management: User can keep the track of information can be used by the staffs by offering employee passcodes to specific access.
    • Timecards at the Register: The Square Point of Sale system assures clocking system of all workers is recorded accurately. Furthermore, all the worker can be map out for any deal made and finished assisting in calculating commissions and tips in the future.
  • One Account for all Locations: Make modifications in the menu of any place, tracking of time cards of all workers and keep the absolute check on the values of all items from one account.

Hardware Requirement

Every programming software and application emerges with its own set of hardware requirements for both hardware and system. The one essential thing for Square to work is a stable mode of devices. Nevertheless, there are the diverse sets of hardware needs as given below in accord with the requirement of the company.

  • The First Fully Incorporated computer: With the addition of Square Register within the totally Square created POS devices, the user is ensured of accuracy and quality of the used devices
  • Intelligent Software incorporated: You can easily keep track of your business happening and sales update, along with that appropriate efficient administration of the store and ascertain a customer record from one POS software.
  • Speed up the Sales Procedure: Accomplish the sales procedure and clear the line of customers via customer-concentrated shows allowing them to purchase products at half the normal speed.

POS Hardware for Brick and Mortar Retailers

Square Register Kits

Square Register Kits

An inclusive Point of sale kit prepared with Square Register as the central point. It acknowledges all foremost cards at 2.5% + 10 in one tap, swipe or dip and receives funds directly in your bank account in two working days. At present, Square Register does not hold up Square for Square or Retail Appointments.

What’s included:

  • USB Cash Drawer of 16 in.
  • USB Receipt Printer
  • Receive 25 rolls of Receipt printer paper
  • Square Register

Square Stand Kit for iPad (2017), iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air

Square Stand Kit

An inclusive Point of Sale system prepared to keep the needs and requirements of businesses art galleries, grocery stores, clothing boutiques, Home Goods and bookshops, etc.

What’s included:

  • Receive 25 rolls Receipt printer paper
  • USB Receipt Printer
  • Printer-Driven Cash Drawer of 16 in
  • Square position for Chip and Contactless

WindFall Stand for iPad 2 Kit

iPad Air WindFall Stand for iPad

An inclusive Point of Sale prepared to keep in minds the needs and requirements of grocery stores, industries clothing boutiques, bookshops, art galleries, and home-goods etc.

What’s included:

  • You receive Square Magstripe Reader
  • Receive 25 rolls Receipt printer paper
  • Attacker Windfall Stand for Apple iPad
  • Ethernet Receipt Printer

Square Register:

Square Point Of System has designed incorporated POS software which you can use to start the procedure of the Alert of sales through one inclusive system. This Square Register is prepared to offer more power and boost in accounting for trustworthy transactions.  Even though today it is not very well-suited with Square Apartments /Square for Retail, it still receives payment from roughly all key card brands.

Common Issues Encountered with Square POS

Some of the common issues reported against Square Point of Sale are mentioned below:

  • Account postponement: Many users have report complaints about the unexpected suspension of their POS accounts. Even though it might be due to the widespread high quality of protection measure engaged by the organizations.
  • Merchant Account clutch: A control on funds means to a workstation withholding some of a merchant’s dispensation storing and volume separate fund as a safety measure in the occasion of refunds, chargebacks, or fraud.
  • Not appropriate for High-risk companies: Considering the excellence of confidentiality and security, many users functioning in the high-risk company have come across unsatisfactory services.
  • No Innovative and Advanced Features: This most often comes up from merchants who wish for viewing Square features compared with other chief POS systems, like more store credit or advanced reporting.
  • Fees: Many users have encountered the problem of charges and fees levied forming too high. Both the monthly and processing fees are much more than what other Point of sale software are charging.

Square Support Phone number

Why choose us for your Square Point of Sale customer support?

  • POSTechie is a helping agency offering quality services for application with a 3rd-party application like Point of Sale.
  • We have experienced technical specialist with several years of experience in resolve errors and issues counter while operating on a POS system.
  • Designed with the best thoughts and modifications made in POS checking of the wonderful solution to issues.
  • Contact the technical experts for any supplementary information associated with Point of Sale as they are well skilled with tools and advance tricks used by the software to enhance their POS software.

Gain Contact Support from POSTechie for Square POS

Above given comprises all the necessary information about Square Point of Sale. However, in the case of complexity or need more information regarding the software, you can undoubtedly connect with our technical member any time to benefit service. You can contact by simply dropping a mail at our official mail ID hello@postechie.com or calling at our Toll-Free Number / available for 24 hours or by browsing to a website and chat via Live Chat Support.