Get Handle QBDBMGRN Not Running on Computer for Real-Time Accounting

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QuickBooks despite being efficient and effective accounting software for business owners is at times bugged by some issues or problem-s. This article is about one such QuickBooks problem and how to troubleshoot it.

The issue is when the error message qbdbmgrn not running computer real-time accounting is displayed to the user. A user uses the QuickBooks software to perform complex accounting in a secure way while saving time doing it. But when there are problems in doing the work effectively it is important that the issue is addressed. The steps to identify the problem with ‘qbdbmgrn not running computer’ can be handled in an easy way by following these step-s.

Identify the Cause for the Problem

First identify the issue, which is generally the production of the firewall. That is an active firewall that is often a cause of blocking the connections of QuickBooks desktop properly, thereby causing the accounting software to have the issue of ‘qbdbmgrn not running computer’.

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Steps to rectify the qbdbmgrn not running computer

Step 1: The user is to check the firewall of his/her computer and enable it to give access to the QuickBooks desktop file. This can be done by following the instruction given in QuickBooks on how to stop the software from being firewall-ed. Another option is to check the server’s position and see that it is proper, as it is of utmost importance that the IP address matches with the server’s hostname. It is only then the QuickBooks will get full access to the user’s computer and function correctly.

Step 2: The user is supposed to check the firewall configuration so the access is provided to the QuickBooks software. But in case it is still not working, and the error message of qbdbmgrn not running is being displayed, it is advisable that the user should try to resolve the issue with QuickBooks File Doctor.

Step 3: A QuickBooks user can download or install the QuickBooks File Doctor from the Intuit website. Once the installation is done, double click on the File Doctor icon to open the program and select on connectivity issue.

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Step 4: A prompt will appear to key in the admin password do that and click on the Next button. It will then prompt the user to select Host/Server or Workstation. Select the option carefully and correctly.

  • In case the QuickBooks program is not stored in the machine select Workstation option for the File Doctor.
  • If the accounting software is stored in the computer, then select the Server option for the File Doctor. Server is also to be picked if the user is the sole user of the QuickBooks program and is only kept on the user’s computer.

Step 5: After selecting any of the above the user will be prompted to share the company file-s. Select YES if only the computer hosts the company file or else select the option NO if the computer does not host the company file.

Step 6: The File doctor will run it’s diagnostic and give the result.

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