QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees

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With QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees, you can streamline the payroll. Making the payroll with time tracking is easier and faster. Furthermore, with this feature as an employer, you can manage the employee time on any device with accuracy. According to experts, you would be able to save at least 3 hours on average with Time Tracking for Employees each time you run the payroll. 

Why use QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees?

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, there are few more benefits that you can avail when you use QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees.

  • Save Money: You can pay employees exactly for the time they have worked and it is estimated that about 6% you can save on payroll costs.
  • Accurate Billing: With time tracking you will be able to bill more accurately for the jobs, customers, service items, classes and more.
  • Mobile Apps: The time tracking can be done as a mobile app so for both you and your employees it will be easy to track, submit and approve details on the go.
  • Easy Scheduling: You can send alerts, notifications by email or text messages for jobs and shifts to your employees
  • GPS: You can get the precise location and insights in real-time of the workforce.
  • Monitoring Overtime: Alerts will be sent to you so that you will know of the overtime limits and also customize the accruals. This will enable you to calculate the time off of the employee.
  • Clocking: On a single device employees can clock in that also includes facial recognition.
  • Who’s working: You as an employer will have the knowledge of knowing who is working, from where and on what.

How to Use QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees?

With QuickBooks Online Essential and Plus, you can bill your customers for the time that you or your employees have worked. With this application, you can assign a project or an activity or customer and decide whether and how you want to bill the customer.

Depending on the specificity of rates, you will decide whether to bill for time. Automatically the time details will then appear on the invoices. The details that you want to put in the invoice depend solely on you. Hence you can add:

  • Name of the Employee
  • The rate charged on an hourly basis
  • Hours that you have billed for. The time appears in a decimal version e.g. an hour and a half will be shown as 1.5 in the invoice when entered and 1.30 to the copy sent to the customer.

Invoices can also be customized by you, for example:

  • On the timesheet, you can text from the description field
  • The standard service you are using can be named
  • For changes in time tracking, you can use custom text

Turn the Time Tracking On

  • On the top of the screen select the Gear icon and click on it. Go to the Account Settings or the Company Settings.
  • Select and click on Advances on the left.
  • Move to the section of Time Tracking and go to the pencil icon and select it
  • Enter your time tracking preferences
  • On the Add Service field to timesheets, out a check mark. Or put a check mark on ‘Make Single-Time Activity Billable to customer box. This checking of any of these boxes will enable the employees and the contractors to decide of any work or activities undertaken by them and when they fill out the time sheet should be billed or not to a customer.
  • You can also opt to check the box beside Show billing rate to users entering time.
  • From the drop-down box select the first day of the workweek. This will show how the weekly timesheets is viewed by the employees and the contractors.
  • Next, click on Save and Done

Adding a Time Tracker User

Time Tracking can have an unlimited number of users. So you can add time tracking user

  • Go to the Gear Icon and click on it. Then select Manage Users
  • Click on Add user and select Time tracking only then click Next
  • Choose the employee you want to add as Time Tracking the Only user. Then put in the contact information of the employee.
  • Choose and click on Save.

Billable Time

After you have set up the time tracking you can create the timesheets as billable.

  • On the top click on the Plus icon (+), next click on Single Activity Time Sheet or Weekly Time Sheet.
  • Select the Billable box after entering the details
  • Save the timesheet.

Access Time Tracking

  • From the left menu select Reports
  • Enter any of the following enter report name filed
  • Recent/Edited Time Activities
  • Time Activities by Customer Detail
  • Time Activities by Employee Detail
  • Unbilled time

If you still face any issues in QuickBooks time tracking for employees, you can always get in touch with our QuickBooks Pos Expert on /.