QuickBooks POS SQL Error Connection is Broken

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QuickBooks is a reputed accounting software catering to the needs of small and medium scale businesses by providing products that help in daily accounting procedures. Versions of QuickBooks are available with the integrated cloud that help the business accept payments, manage payroll and manage invoices.

The QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) application comes loaded with features that help the business simplify major operations. The software provides multiple location capabilities which means that the owner does not need to be present in the organization in order to manage it proficiently. The QuickBooks POS has an enhanced reporting feature for the business that analyzes financial information weekly, monthly, and annual revenue figures. It also helps in keeping track of the styles of products. It serves as a one-stop solution for Major accounting and analysis functions of small and medium scale businesses.

πŸ‘‰ Causes of “POS SQL Error Connection is Broken”:

  1. If there is any power failure or any other unexpected thing occurring while running the QuickBooks program then it causes the QuickBooks POS SQL Error Connection to be Broken.
  2. The POS service and the system have a connection in between that got broken and show you the error message “POS SQL Error Connection is broken.”
  3. If your computer has viruses or any other malware present in it, then also it shows you the POS SQL error connection is broken. This can hinder the proper working of the QuickBooks software application and the computer system in general.
  4. In case the POS folder has been allotted an invalid name the system might encounter this error as well.

πŸ‘‰ Solution of “POS SQL Error Connection is Broken”:

  1. Scanning the Computer Using “Reimage Repair Tool” – The user-facing this error first need to install the repair tool then proceed by applying “scans”, “detects” and “repairs” on their computer system, after the completion of the aforementioned process then it proceed by downloading re-image repair tool on the desktop and select the file location in order to initiate the installation process. The user needs to press the yes command on the “user account control” notification caused when the program is run.
QuickBooks POS SQL

2. Using the “Reimage Repair Tool Icon” – After the user has installed the program they would come across a display screen where they need to enable the repair tool to run an automatic scan. The user will come across a “reimage welcome screen” once they have scanned and clicked the install option to begin the installation process.

3. Scanning the System with the “Reimage Installer Tools” – The real image installer tool scans the computer in order to show the affected areas.  In case the user encounters any corrupt areas we should proceed by clicking the option that starts the repair process. This tool helps users to provide quick and easy solutions for the errors and issues that happen in the QuickBooks program while working. Once the repair is complete the user needs to complete the process by restarting the computer.

4. Functioning of the Repair Tool – the repair tool is entrenched with capabilities that help in fixing many issues, namely, repairing issues pertaining to rebooting and system freezing, startup customization, the structure of windows, and management of program deletion to name a few.

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πŸ‘‰ Conclusion:

Hence, the conclusion that we can draw here is that the user needs to be careful while using the cook QuickBooks point of sale application, even though it is quite a flexible and handy tool it can encounter some problems like any other software but can be solved by the user themselves without the requirement of any professional help. There are a few tools that can be used in resolving the problems encountered while working on QuickBooks point of sale applications. These tools are like “repair tool“, “reimage repair tool” and “reimage image installer“. To know how to use this tool for resolving QuickBooks POS SQL error connection is a broken connection with the team.

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πŸ”° 1. How unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks can be fixed to resolve the QuickBooks POS SQL error connection that is broken?

β™» These errors can be resolved using the QuickBooks Tool Hub. In this tool, you have to select the problem that causes the unrecoverable error and then choose the tool within it to fix the error. This might take some time to identify and then resolve the problem. When done then restart your system and check for the errors.

πŸ”° 2. What causes corruption of data in QuickBooks that leads to QuickBooks POS SQL error connection being broken?

β™» Excessive use of the QuickBooks application might lead to problems pertaining to the corruption of data. Other times, the RAM does not get to automatically fix issues due to a lack of space in the system.

πŸ”° 3. How can a person troubleshoot QuickBooks software before fixing the QuickBooks POS SQL error connection is broken?

β™» To troubleshoot QuickBooks, the first thing that the person needs is a valid subscription then they need to proceed by resetting the QuickBooks Desktop update in order to troubleshoot QuickBooks.

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