QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0

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QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0

QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 is trustable, versatile, well- recognized software due to its outstanding and exceptional features. It provides wonderful functionality to run the small and retailer store. Basically, QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 is mainly formulated for retail stores to be affordable and user-friendly for all businesses and a solution to enhance business growth at a faster rate.

It verifies the complete picture of the companies in a single glance with sales, inventory, and customer information. It adjusts discounts, prices and transfers information to QuickBooks accounting software.


  • Comprehensive management of inventory, sales, customer tracking, and credit card processing
  • The latest update of QuickBooks delivers 10times faster functionality and considerably faster workflows
  • Time-saving device with additional multi-tasking potentiality, Download QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 sorting in key workflows and keyboard shortcuts
  • Allow higher credit card safety standards
  • This product has prepared Chip and PIN (EMV) acquiescent
  • Flawlessly incorporates with QuickBooks Desktop accounting software
  • Compatible to handle multi-location and large-scale retailers


Track Sales – Track sales by using an optional barcode scanner like Microsoft Surface or just enter the item number or names manually.  Add discounts and construct customer detail for Customer Relation Management.

Tracks Inventory – Your inventory is upgraded with each and every transaction providing you the sightline into the company’s latest update and the area the organization requires to improve.  You get the complete customer information of the bestsellers, likes, and dislikes, areas that needed rearrangement, etc.

Accept Payments – The convenience of online payment and cash payment and many more have been made simpler and faster. Each payment is reconciled in QuickBooks software, minimizing the disturbance of manually entering data and reconciliation of payment

Track & Reward Customers – Take Customer relation management to the higher level.  It also maintains records of customer history like credit available, the balance owed, special offers, and loyalty program status at the peak of the transaction every time you get a sales order.

Sync up with QuickBooks Accounting software- When you permit a payment procedure of upgrading a sale or updating the inventory, QuickBooks software upgrades your books assisting to minimize the time is taken, potential error, and the efforts too.

Works effortlessly with Microsoft Surface – Standardize the appearance and accuracy of the store with Microsoft Surface.  It also saves contradict space and offers the flexibility to ring check inventory and sales within your store.

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