QuickBooks POS Multi Store 18.0

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store 18.0 consists of outstanding features PLUS the compatibility to manage around 20 stores. The Point of Sale software allows you to work with all the accounting tasks, manage multi-store data, and track inventory transfers between the stores.

It has become so easy to manage inventory, to track sales, and get customer information using QuickBooks POS Multi-Store. The software is user-friendly to set up and access. It also provides with Step-by-step built-in tutorials classes for the starters, along with support services for QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-store 18.0 user.

Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store

  • Ring up to new Sales
  • Receive payments and update immediately
  • Track customer data like preference, likes & dislikes, and other characteristics of the customer
  • Excuse Basic reporting process
  • Incorporate  with QuickBooks POS Desktop financial software
  • Handles payroll and employees
  • Offers numerous gift cards and  discounts
  • Handles multiple stores and  track each product and transfer inventory
  • Inventory reporting and  Advanced sales between the stores

Detailed updates sales and inventory reports in a company

Demonstrates instantaneous reports on the top-selling products list, sales data regular customers for the time period you select.

Time-saving inventory tracking process and updates with every single order, sales, and return products.

Immediately updates the stocks and things that need to be reordered

Automatically generate purchase orders and set reorder points to assure you never lose even a single inventory and sale.

All the information syncs with your QuickBooks software

  • At the end of the sales day, you can sync Point of Sale with QuickBooks, minimizing the double entries, the time is taken and the possible errors.
Take your Customer Relation Management to the higher level
  • Receive inclusive customers’ details with applicable information effortlessly
  • Maintain the records available credit, balance due, or any special deals.
Activate the Payments account to boost sales and save time
  • Your customers can easily pay with credit cards, debit card cash payment
  • The payments reconciled in the QuickBooks software reduce the hassle of reconciliation and manual data entry.
System Requirements: Multi-user:
  • In QuickBooks POS software multi-user, you require 8 GB of RAM and Multi-core processor for better performance on the QuickBooks Point of Sale server workplace. Each and every workstation corresponding to running POS must have an individually purchased user license, and each copy of POS should be the identical version in multi-user configuration.
QuickBooks Payment Account
  • Optional additional terms, fee-based service, and conditions apply.
  • Necessitates a QuickBooks software Payments account via Intuit Payment Solutions.
  • PIN pad necessary for debit and credit transactions sold individually.
  • Fast Internet connection mandatory.
System Configuration Notes:
  • Disk space necessities do not comprise organization data files. If your organizational data file is large or comprises of pictures you may require more disk space.
  • In order to run numerous software simultaneously, your operating system must have at least 4GB RAM multi-core processor and at least 4GB. POS software support on both 32-bit & 64-bit processors Windows.
PosTechie QuickBooks POS Tech Support

With the detail information provided on Downloading the QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 18.0, its features and its system requirements, hope you are no more doubtful about this tremendous product. However, if you still have some queries or encounter some issue, then our QuickBooks tech support experts are absolutely prepared and easily accessible 24 hours anytime. To connect with them, call at PosTechie QuickBooks POS Support number / or chat via Online Chat Support/ Live Chat Support