QuickBooks POS Multi Store 18.0 Add User / Store

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QuickBooks POS Multi Store 18.0 Add User/Store offers countless features and techniques to control your business appropriately to achieve the targeted results. The latest updates know how to track sales with accurate date and time,  advanced-level inventory management, visible customer tracking process, keyboard shortcuts, secure payment methods, multi-tasking capabilities, and many more to manage the business controls on-time. These things help you to know what makes you more gainful, makes things easy to control over customer and staff management. 

Have a look at its amazing features 

  • Yes to higher credit cards standards: All product includes Chip & PIN
  • Real-time inventory controls all process to manage what is in the stock or what’s not
  • Reporting tools updated customer interests and complaint reports to provide better personalized services
  • Integrations makes easy to transfer the sales data automatically

What is the purpose of the QuickBooks POS Multi Store 18.0 Add User / Store?

  • Track entire financial process with real-time inventory
  • You can easily set up the tutorials and instructions which makes things easy to process the ringing sales in just a few hours rather than days.
  • Reduce the manual data entry procedure and track all data on a daily basis with accurate timing.
  • You can pick your bestseller to reward with amazing offers.