QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0 Unlock to Pro

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Rely on Intuit QuickBooks POS 18.0 for easy access to the information that matters most. Intuit QuickBooks POS for retail stores is designed to be cost-effective, easy to use and a great way to boost your bottom line. View your business at a glance with inventory, sales and customer data at your fingertips.

Keep your Customers happy with its amazing features 

  • You can track all the data that you purchase and the contact details of the customer
  • Accept all types of payments, update Inventory, or Process a sale
  • You can easily create the customer’s letter
  • Save your valuable time and access to do multitasking functions
  • Transactions records of credit card or debit card updated timely
  • For ring sales, you have the choice to use a Barcode scanner
  • Speed-up the workflow to find better results
  • It is very easy to create and save the customized reports
  • Easy readability to view the clear visual design
  • Run Track-inventory processing on automated mode.

Why is this needed?

  • QuickBooks Desktop Integration is one of the best approaches to get clear visions of your business account graph.
  • Run CRM to view the customer history likewise credit available, the balance owed, program status, and amazing offers view at the top of the transaction when you ring up a Sale
  • With every transaction, you find updated inventory provides a clear view to know about your best sellers and tells what information is needed to be recorded or what’s not. So, you can easily concern about your products to serve them better
  • You can use CRM to know your customer choices. So, you can focus on improving your relationship with your customers. You can find trustable payment techniques for high-tech data protection.