QuickBooks POS Error 193

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The QuickBooks POS offers cloud as well as desktop Point of Sale solution for all kind of business. This software helps in building customer relationships, manages inventory and automates the complete bank process. It basically allows you to enter the sales information to the user’s accounting software. It has many features like barcode scanning, receipt notes, refunds, credit card processing, price lookup, discounts, exchanges, gift cards, customer history, layaway’s and quotes. In short, we can say that the QuickBooks Point of Sale manages your financial and accounting needs. Though it simplifies your work it is a complex software and there are certain times where you may have some queries regarding the software or can come across some error like QuickBooks POS Error 193.

What is QuickBooks POS Error 193?

The user will encounter this error when they will make an attempt to send a mailbag from the Headquarters to the remote store or they make an attempt to receive a mailbag from the remote error. They may receive the following Error message:

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Error 193: The primary key for the dept Keywords is not unique.

The reason for this error is due to the duplicate department names or codes, the customer’s names getting merged or deleted from the system and due to the damaged .qbt files. So we can say that this error occurs due to the running of the multi-store exchange in the QuickBooks POS.

How to Solve QuickBooks POS Error Code 193?

There are many ways to resolve this error. Here are two methods by which you can resolve this QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 193.

The solution I: Updating all the POS to the latest release

  • Go to the Point of sale(POS).
  • Click on the Help option.
  • Go to software updates.
  • Check for updates.
  • Retry the store exchange.

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Solution II: Delete the list which consists the error

For Remote Store:

  • First of all, send a mailbag to Headquarters and then receive it.
  • Now choose your customer
  • Then go for a customer list.
  • Now select one customer at a time.
  • Now click on delete option until the list is deleted.
  • Headquarters:
  • Choose the File option.
  • Go to utilities and then resend the files.
  • Click on resend.
  • Now you will receive the resend mailbag at the remote store of your system.

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Summing Up

There are many methods by which you can resolve the QuickBooks POS Error 193. You can find two methods in this article. But even after trying those two methods, you are not satisfied with the outcome or you have to make some inquiries regarding the QuickBooks POS, then you can contact the customer support for the QuickBooks POS. The QuickBooks support is the alternate QB POS customer support consultancy that provide the customer support service to the QuickBooks Point Of Sale users. They have QB experts who have experience in QuickBooks. The QB experts from the QuickBooks POS support are available round the clock to provide their assistance to the users who are having trouble while working on the software. To contact them you just have to dial their toll-free number /.

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