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The Latest QuickBooks Desktop version for Windows has been launched and it is full of exciting and innovative features and tool-s. Furthermore, enhancement of the older version of the software is also made within the new release of QuickBooks POS upgrade. From a few minor augmentations to a major enrichment in the software in form of a new order fulfillment feature within the inventory management aspect of business, the new software is bound to ease the workload of many accountants and bookkeeper-s.

It is to be noted that currently, only the QuickBooks Accountant version is available, that too is only with the esteemed ProAdvisors program participant-s. For the rest of the public, the wait will not be over till the end of September as is the normal time of QuickBooks release. A quick analysis of all the new and improved features in the QuickBooks POS upgrade is listed below with the understanding that the version relates only to the US and not to UK – Canada.

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Merge Vendors

Under this, users can now merge up to 4 vendors in one go. Earlier this feature only collaborated for two vendors at a time but now the limit has been increased to 4 along with smoother management of data as per the convenience of the user-s. Although this feature is not quite what the need of the hour is, it has been in demand from many accountants who do need to handle the cleanup work of the business and thus face the issue of combining the vendors under different circumstances.

Merge Vendors can be located under the Accountant tab in the menu bar followed by the Client Data Review option. In order to look for vendors, the user can type in any text related to the name of the vendor or the company, along with another option wherein the user can locate the vendor from the billed fields. The advantage of searching through this mode is that the text provided will get searched throughout the software and any minute similarity will get display-ed.

Locate and click on four (maximum) records of vendors by clicking on the box present against the vendors’ name followed by clicking on the ‘Next’ tab. Now select the record which will be considered as the Master Vendor under which all the other ticked vendor records will be add-ed. Many fields mentioned in the records might become editable just for one main vendor record which accords the access to edit the same fields or copy and paste details from other vendors. The following fields can be edit-ed:

  • Billed From
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Vendor Tax ID
  • Account Number
  • Shipped From
  • Name to be printed on check-ed
  • Email ID
  • Type of Vendor

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The user has the option of only merging the records by clicking on the Merge tab (located on the lower right side of the screen) or creating backup first and then creating a merge by selecting the option of ‘Backup and Merge’ (also located in the lower half of the screen on the right side). It is highly advised to follow the second option, at least for the first time, as it is quite possible that the result generated by merging records will not be accepted, in which case the user will be ready with a backup option. Apart from this, the ‘Undo’ option is also there with the user. After going for the ‘Merge’ option, all the information of the selected vendors will get collected under one Master vendor-s. Most of the details will not move from the source vendor and will have to be filled in by the user. Some of these details pertain to the following categories:

  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Sent Mails
  • To Dos

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QuickBooks 2018’s Enhanced Order Fulfillment

Enhanced Order Fulfillment feature is said to be the most anticipated change and compelling addition in the QuickBooks POS 2018 upgrade release. It is a significant rebuilding of the flow of work followed in terms of choosing stock commodities to close up the open order of sales. The most incredible change brought in by this enhancement of the feature is that users can now utilize the new set of workflow in tandem with that of remote scanning of barcodes through appropriate devices. This enrichment ensures that Intuit is taking up issues with barcode scanning under QuickBooks Point of Sale seriously. Currently, quickbooks pos 2018 upgrade the feature can only be accessed by the US version of software of QuickBooks Enterprise level (that too only Version 18). The user also needs the availability of the Advanced Inventory function that can only be found in the Platinum subscription of the QuickBooks Enterprise V18.

The improvement in name of an update is being made for the Sales Order Fulfillment worksheet along with seamless unification with the barcode scanner. This added benefits those users the most who basically form sales orders and transfer pick lists to their warehouses. The users integrating the changes made by Intuit within their workflow will be benefitted with better speed and performance along with authenticity while closing the sales orders. The company (Intuit) itself is planning to make further more modifications under this feature with ‘Pick List’ being the first of the many changes planned for Inventory updates in the Enterprise version.     

The updates released with the 2018 version basically direct attention towards mid-size businesses holding Enterprise version software of QuickBooks. This set of users are said to monitor about 10 employees along with around 10,000 feet of space in warehouse and bin locations/barcodes. Apart from this, to manage the said warehouse, the business would have employed a manager who is either working with a contractual group of hired workers or the business’ permanent employees. This manager would probably have authorized access towards QuickBooks but that is not the case with employees under him.  

The issue that is being resolved is that the warehouse manager needs aid in prioritization of the sales orders, as well as requiring support for efficient picking to take place. The software, as it stands now, accords features in QuickBooks that can be employed to manage sales orders, selects the ones needed to be picked, broadcasts with the pickers as to what needs to be done, and then takes the information from the pickers to update QuickBooks.

One concept is understood and the difference between a sales order and a picklist is also made aware of. Till now, in QuickBooks, a pick list wasn’t really a separate kind of transaction. It was just a different template that users used to print a sales order in a different format, essentially. With this new feature, they now have some distinct differences between sales orders and pick lists.

The workflow is:

  • Receive sales order
  • Check for fulfillable status and create picklist
  • Send picklist to mobile inventory scanner with a picker assigned
  • Get automatic status updates and track in real time
  • Pack and ship the order
  • Update the sales order and send the invoice to the customer

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QuickBooks Payments

Another part of QuickBooks Point of Sale called QuickBooks Payments will provide users with the additional option of according certain top-level data to a specific category of customers who are making payments through credit cards of commercial category. This will offer the benefit of lessening the time taken by the said customers to users for payment.

Different categories of customers related to merchant services are provided with distinct levels of detail. Some are accorded with just the summary of the transaction made while as the level goes higher customers might be provided with invoice details as well. Under the 2018 version of QuickBooks Payments, users will have the additional benefit of offering Level 3 data to their customers carrying commercial credit cards and not regular cards. With this level of data, quickbooks pos 2018 upgrade users are according more details to their corporate and commercial brand of customers which can result in a swift release of payments towards users. To enable this function, users can process, locate and select the option of Level 3 Data at the bottom of the screen labeled Customer Payment for that particular type of transaction. The confusion regarding this option is that whether it is offered under customer record or system for Merchant Services is still unclear.

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