QuickBooks Error Code 12029

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QuickBooks Error Code 12029 is referred to as a technical error encounters due to network timeout. In other words, this error takes place when the program is blocked to access servers/services due to weak internet connection or any other reasons. Sometimes, the backend servers are failed to respond to QuickBooks due to improper internet configuration. This blog covers the causes and resolution of QuickBooks error 12029. 

Possible causes responsible for this QuickBooks Error Code 12029

There might be some internal and external reasons for QuickBooks error 12029 messages. These are as follows:

  • Internet connection failure 
  • Firewall /security software block the connection
  • When users try to access a different browser
  • Improper SSL settings
  • When users try to install software or write the script during network timeout 
  • Corrupted files
  • Outdated internet plans
  • Blocked files.

Quick solutions of QuickBooks Error Code 12029

Here, you get alternative ways to resolve the issues easily. You need to choose any solution according to the reason for the cause. The solution is checked and verified as it is provided by the support team. The following are some troubleshooting solutions that you need to follow accordingly.

Solution 1: Resolve connectivity problems of your system

To fix internet connection it is recommended to download TLS 1.2 utility software from intuit official site.

To execute this utility software set internet explorer as your default browser.

Solution 2: Enhance setting of Browser

Mentioned-below is some steps to enhance browser settings:

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks software
  • Open Internet explorer
  • Locate tools 
  • Open internet options and look for internet options 
  • Discover security tab and press security tab
  • When a window appears to locate globe symbol
  • Set the security level as medium-high
  • Perform the accurate settings of an internet service provider
  • Move towards LAN settings and hit OK
  • Click on automatically detect settings
  • Now, after doing all the above steps now locate for a proxy server
  • Fill the address and port 
  • Verify the port number and hit ok
  • Now look for advanced tab and select restore advanced settings.
  • Under settings, section click on TLS 1.2 and then select the OK button
  • Restore system, restart QuickBooks and verify that error is fixed or not.

Solution3: Open your system in safe mode 

You can fix QuickBooks error 12029 when you execute your windows in safe mode.

Follow the mentioned steps:

  • Press the “Windows + I” button from the keyboard to display settings
  • Now look for Update & security
  • Select recovery
  • Navigate advanced startup and then restart your system
  • During restarting, select the computer in safe mode with networking option
  • Restart QuickBooks and check if the error still persists or not.
  • Configure firewalls/security software
  • Download and install QuickBooks file doctor to perform firewall configuration
  • Save and execute
  • The tool will do configuration including firewall port as well
  • Now check for confirmation of error rectification.