Encounter Script Error While Opening QuickBooks

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When QuickBooks tries to connect to your Internet Explorer and your webpage you are opening may not load, then it is a script error in QuickBooks. When you got this error you will get an error message on desktop:

Script Error Message: An error has occurred on the script of this page Line: 7 Char: 561 Error: Unable to Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference Code: 0 URL:https://a166211981.cdn.optimizely.com/client_storage/a166211981.html

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If a user encounters such a script error, he/she should immediately contact the customer care of the QuickBooks.  But as a user, it is beneficial to know certain things related to this error, like why it occurs and how it can be fixed.

Why does Script Error While Opening QuickBooks Occur?

  • It suggests there might be an issue with the browser settings.
  • Internet Explorer is used by QuickBooks to show the web-based pages and tabs to its user.
  • Browser settings have issues or do not comply with the QuickBooks software.

Options for Fixing the Script Error While Opening QuickBooks

Method 1: Basic steps to fix Error

Intuit, the company that owns the QuickBooks software has provided few options, to troubleshoot the issue of Script error encountered by the users of the software while opening it.  However the user must log off or close any notification he/she has on that shows script error while using any of these following Internet Explorer versions, i.e. 7,8, or 9.

  • A user should stop the Internet Explorer he/she is using and restart it.
  • The user should then locate the Tool menu and open it.
  • From there the user facing the script error problem choose the Internet Option. At times the user might find it hard to locate the tools menu, as it might not be visible on the screen automatically. If that is the case the user must key in the Alt button on the typing pad. Once that is done the tools menu will appear and on re-pressing the Alt key the menu will be hidden again.
  • From the tools menu, the user should select the Advanced tab.
  • From every box showing script error, delete the notification ‘Display’. It is important that every displayed box is deleted.
  • After finishing it click on the OK icon.

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Solution 2: Add Intuit as a trusted site

  • You can resolve this error by adding Intuit as a trusted site. Perform the following steps to add Intuit as trusted site.
  • Open Internet explorer
  • Got to the setting
  • Now move to the tools section and then click on the security tab.
  • Select the trusted sites and click on the site tab.
  • Now enter the https://*.intuit.com and click on add button.
  • In the next step enter https://*.quickbooks.com and click on add.
  • Close the window of Trusted sites.
  • Now select custom level and the scroll down to Miscellaneous.
  • Select enable option and hit OK button for allowing cross domain request
  • Click on apply and OK tab to close the window of internet options.
  • In final step reboot the internet explorer
  • In last step is to reboot the internet explorer and apply changes

Solution 3: Disable Add-ons on the Internet explorer to troubleshoot error

  • Add-on in the internet explorer causes of script error. If you are using the add-on in the internet explorer, then disable them as soon as possible.
  • To disable the Add-ons on the Internet explorer, follow the following steps.
  • Open Internet explorer and visit the tool section
  • Select the Internet option and click on manage add-ons
  • In final step, chose the disable add-ons option and click on OK to confirm the selection.

Why QuickBooks Support Phone Number?

The aforementioned steps will be able to troubleshoot the script error issue that a user encounters while opening the QuickBooks and run the program smoothly. If the error persists then the user should contact our QuickBooks Application Help. To discuss your issues, you can get in touch with them anytime by calling 1800 935 0532. It is toll free number and always there to help you out with your issues. The Postechie have the expertise and immense knowledge regarding the software.