QuickBooks Got Unexpected Error 5 Call NetShareGetInfo Path

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QuickBooks is one of the most sought-after accounting software used by business owners.  But despite being one of the most popular software, it is not without glitches, and users sometimes find themselves facing issues with QuickBooks that hampers their financial work.

One such problem faced by QuickBooks users is the displaying of the message ‘Got Unexpected error in the call to NetShareGetInfo for the path.  This article will share the ways to troubleshoot the issue before contacting the QuickBooks support team.

What is QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5?

QuickBooks Error 5 is the issue when a user gets Got Unexpected error in the call to NetShareGetInfo for the path. This error occurs either due to in the Windows registry there has been irregular entries or the system settings has been configured incorrectly.  When this error 5 occurs user of QuickBooks is forced to abort his/her work as they cannot access the program.

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QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 Causes

The probable causes that lead to the Error 5 issue

  • The software has been installed incorrectly or failed to be installed or uninstalled properly.
  • Application component or a system has failed to run a normal operation correctly.
  • A registry entry or mandatory system file has been deleted.
  • Windows registry having invalid entries
  • Power failure causing the system to shutdown improperly
  • Attack by a virus or malware
  • System operation facing malfunction

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 Call NetShareGetInfo Path

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There are two possible ways to troubleshoot and fix the QuickBooks Error 5 problem.

Method 1: Recommended Solution

  • Use this recommended solution to fix this Unexpected Error:
    1. Recreate the user
    2. Delete the User
  • Use advance tool to resolve this error. It will work when QB is damaged

Method 1: Use Reimage Repair Tool for scanning the computer.

  • Use the authentic link to download Reimage Repair Tool.
  • The file needs to be saved from where it can be accessed easily, likely on the desktop.
  • After downloading it, install the program.
  • Run the program by clicking on Yes.
  • After the program has been launched there will be a welcome screen, un-tick the checkbox for the program to scan the computer automatically.
  • Click on install to continue to Reimage Repair Tool to be fully installed.
  • It is mandatory that the users have an internet connection so that Reimage Repair Tool can download all the updates.
  • The program will then automatically scan the computer.
  • Once the scan is done the Tool will show the areas that have been damaged.
  • Start the repair by clicking on the ‘Start repair’ icon.
  • This would fix the problem, to check to restart the computer.

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Method 2: Use QuickBooks file doctor

  • QuickBooks file doctor can help in resolving the issue
  • The user can go to Intuit website and download the QuickBooks File doctor program
  • The tool will check the system automatically and correct all the files, folders to ensure that the hosting has been set up and properly working on the system.
  • In the permission level setting the user is required to give full control of the system settings.
  • This will give the access to the file and its location in the QuickBooks that needs to be repair-ed.

Method 3: Give File Share Access

  • Go to the start button Type “File Explorer”
  • Open File Explorer and right-click on the folder where the company is save-d and Select Properties, and click on the Sharing tab.
  • Select Full or Partial sharing. It depends upon the requirement
  • Press OK and apply

Get Help from Experts

If these above-mentioned methods do not rectify the issue of QuickBooks Error 5, you can get in touch with our PosTechie QuickBooks support Helpdesk and get your problems resolved. The experts of the UsingPOS.