QuickBooks Pos Inventory Adjustment Issues and Solutions

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Tracking of business inventory is the best practice for proper accounting. But in some cases, retailers face issues in the adjustment of POS inventory. In this post, we will discuss the QuickBooks Pos inventory adjustment issues and how to resolve them.

As we know, by default, QuickBooks Point of Sale creates an account named POS Inventory Adjustment. Users can use this account to send transactions when:

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  • When you have created inventory item with associated cost and quantity manually
  • Deleted the inventory item including cost and quantity 
  • Creating the cost adjustment memo.
  • When you changed the quantity of an item or manually created a quantity adjustment memo.
  • The user reversed a quantity or cost adjustment memo.
  • When changed the physical inventory via Point of Sale Physical Inventory process.

Typically, the QuickBooks POS inventory adjustment is used as a Holding Account. You can use General Journal Entry to change and remove balance using the

🔰 What is QuickBooks POS Inventory Adjustment Issues

QuickBooks POS inventory adjustment issues are a common issue. In this issue, the user will get a negative amount in his POS inventory adjustment expenditure. Due to this error, the user is unable to get proper inventory. In most situations, the client usually types in the quantities of items in the (on-hand) field. The POS will caution by providing a warning message.

Usually, the user ignores this message and continue the process.. At this time, POS confirms that the user has Y qty at Z cost and consequently increases the inventory and places the offset into the POS inventory adjustment. Since both the accounts are debit-type accounts, the expenses become a negative amount.

🔰 How to Fix The Issue:

In first step, acquire all the inventories on the receiving vouchers.

After that, depending on how long the issue has been going on in the program, the fix can be as easy as changing all the entered check/ bills from whatever listed into the POS inventory adjustment expense.  

🔰 Important Note

You may perform adjustments to the QuickBooks inventory system in order to account for the sales made to customers, inventory purchased and adjustments to the value of the merchandise. This kind of adjustment may be performed at any time, however if the changes are experienced frequently in the inventory levels, adjustments should be made often to avoid experiencing issues.

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🔔 Frequently Asked Questions 🔔

🔐 How to import inventory into QuickBooks POS?

🔑 Open your QuickBooks Point of Sale
✅Locate File and then hit on Utilities
✅Choose Import
✅It will display Data Import Wizard and then hit on the Next option.
✅Choose the type of data you need to import and then click the Next button.
✅Hit on Default template or choose custom file 
✅Click on the Next button.
✅Search the saved template 
✅Make sure you choose the right worksheet option and row from where you start data.
✅Now locate the import template to perform matching.
✅Click on Choose File Mapping
✅Hit on Add or Select Mapping
✅Choose Manage Mappings.
✅Once Mapping finishes, choose the Save button
Hit on the Next option and then follow the instructions on the prompt to begin the import process
✅Now checked the import file, then choose Import 
✅Close the Wizard
✅Locate File option 
✅Hit on Utilities 
✅Click on View Data Import log.

🔐 How to create an inventory label with QuickBooks POS?

🔑 Locate Products and Services list
✅Hit on Create New Item
✅Choose the item type
✅Setup the inventory item
✅Choose the item you want to track the cost
✅Now complete the fields to set up an inventory item
✅Write a description of the product in the description field 

🔐 How to enter inventory items in QuickBooks POS?

🔑 Go to list named Products and Services List.
✅Now create New Item by clicking on the green button.
✅Select the item type
✅It will display the Product and Service Information Window.
✅Hit on the New button 
✅It will appear in four types of items.
✅Set up an inventory item
✅For this hit on inventory
✅Fill in the fields like Name, Sub-Product, and picture of an item, SKU, Class, and more.
✅Fill non-inventory items
✅Now set up a service item.
✅Run Products & Services list

🔐 How to make all items show up on inventory valuation QuickBooks POS 12?

Run Products & Services Report option:
🔑 If you have added all the products & services in both inventory and non-inventory fields, you can now run the report to view the entire list. Here are the steps:
✅Locate the drop-down menu appears in the upper-right corner.
✅Hit on Run Report
✅It will display on the screen. 
✅Now check the accuracy.

🔐 How to make my inventory in QuickBooks POS match inventory in QuickBooks financials?

🔑 The QuickBooks permits you to match the number of columns will column associated with each field.
✅Locate the left column display the fields that appear for Import into the accounting software
✅The right column contains the columns of the spreadsheet with field information.
✅If the left fields do not appear in the spreadsheet displays No Match. 
✅Once you have done all the mapping of the columns to the fields of the QuickBooks
✅Now hit on the green color button named Next on the right side of the screen
✅Now check the data to process the Import.