QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 13.0 Basic, Pro and Multi Store Software

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QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 13.0 was launch by Intuit with some exceptional features. The QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is a retail software which is use by most of the growing small-scale merchandising industries. It is available in three editions i.e. Basic, Pro and Multi-store. You can purchase anyone of them according to your business requirement. Here is a list of the new features that are introduce in the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 13.0.

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What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 13.0

  • New Name: Previously, the older editions of QuickBooks POS were denote with versions numbers.
  • User Interface & Navigation: This latest version has introduced icons and logos in this version.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard of QuickBooks Point of Sale 13.0 has many improvements, i.e. you can now easily add inventory items that will help you with your first sale. It will also assist you in synchronizing your mobile setup and provide you links for the live community along with other exclusive services.
  • Navigation: A new tool has been add in this version of QBPOS. The navigation tool helps in showing all the transaction just in one go and this looks are highly appreciate. Drop-down menu is add for easy navigation along with order icons which makes the display of all the open orders simple. Also, Notes feature on the right side makes your work simple as you can now write down about your list rather than using sticky notes and this feature can be hidden or can be visible according to your requirement. There are various buttons that can be customize according to your needs and requirements.
  • Practice mode and Sample company option are now available again for the use.
  • Mobile Sync: This exceptional feature enables you to sync with the Intuit servers. It enables sales directly for your POS data from your mobile. This way, you can effortlessly add items and images to Intuit servers for the access by your mobile devices. It takes around 5 minutes to sync which is consider to be the shortest frequency. Items that are generally create through mobile devices can be synce d back to the QuickBooks Point of Sale along with the sales receipt. You won’t need any UPC code for syncing currently. You can even use GoPayemnt to access your items.
  • Payments: You need to create a new payments account for this new version. This newly created account, will gather the old merchant account data automatically.

Intuit has lately announced the all the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 2013 along with other previous versions from QuickBooks 2015. Intuit will stop the services like live Solution, payroll, etc. for the above-mentioned editions of QuickBooks. If you want to continue the services of QuickBooks, then upgrade your software to the latest released version i.e. QuickBooks Point of Sale 18.0.

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