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With the advancement of technology, every task in any kinds of businesses has turned much more versatile, competitive and swifter. This consists of accomplishment of Sales orders actions that can now be carried automatically and less number of issues with POS Basically, Point of Sale software helps many companies in accumulating sorting and orders them in an organized manner. The User can also store they recorded in the storehouse from any position of their companies. Even though the software can be engaged by any and all companies, the two businesses that have gained the most is restaurant and retailer company. There are many variations of businesses that have shifted to the function to incept the finest Point of Sale software. One among them is called by the name of Vend

Vend Point of Sale

Vend POS software is as multipurpose as well as a reasonable POS solution consisting of inventive technology and features in plenty. With the aim of “Perish VS Cherish” the organization occupies special focus on assisting the mortar and brick retailers in which the consumers get the chance of purchasing what they view first in retrospect to commodities that are purchased by customers on a day-to-day basis. This is a contrary led to Vend POS is software which is stock administration providing multi-purpose based service. For the retailers searching for inventory based on Point Of Sale, Vend usually comes high on the inventory of options as it is not only fully stored with improved features along with the benefit of trouble-free mobility.

Vend Point of sale Support Team

One of the most important factors of Vend point of Sale achievement is its versatile team of Technical support and sales services team member. Once the program has been purchased, the problem faced by the user in functioning can become annoying. Vend Point of Sale customer support team in this situation is quite renowned for being responsive and prompt to its customer. They can be available to round the clock and have a proficiency in solving any and all issues within a specific time period

Why Opt for Vend Point of Sale(POS)?

There are four essential causes any restaurant should opt for Vend Point of Sale as mentioned below:

  • 24×7 Access of Store: Vend POS software customers can operate more freely, smoothly, and conveniently with its mobility feature. Furthermore, with a cloud-based prospect, you can easily login to the application from anywhere at any time and support in an electronic device with the steady network connectivity. Getting fundamental details about the pending and sales orders accomplished, products that are highly purchased etc have become much simpler.  
  • Advanced Technology with Innovative Tools in the User-Friendly way: Vend POS function on newest technology assuring to keep you above your competitors. It is a structured and vigorous manner that all the necessary tasks of the company are accomplished in a limited time span. Its user-friendly software that assists in managing entire task easily in any device whether on iPad, Computer with Windows MacBook or OS. Just incorporate the Vend Point of Sale with your device and take advantage of latest top excellence features and tools.
  • Take Your Business to a higher Level of growth: Vend POS enhance your businesses and makes business easier as scaling the garnering and sales to gain more opportunities and grow to be swifter to read. The software affordability and speed at the same time has brought shimmering options to rise as setting up the application and add other details and processes like employees’ information, sales channels, and locations, etc.
  • Easy incorporation of other software: Vend POS is prepared in a way that most of the desirable third-party software can be incorporated without any disturbance. Link with your much-loved programs like Xero, QuickBooks etc and accomplish the necessary tasks without much moFdification of the templates.

Hardware Requirement

Every programming and software application arrives with its own set of hardware and system requirement. The one thing essential for Vend to operate is a steady mode of a device such as tablets, smartphone etc. Nevertheless, there are a diverse set of hardware necessities as given below in accord with the requirement of the business.

The software is design to smoothly function on any browser which makes it great to function in most of the operating system.

Operating System

  • Microsoft office Pro, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows 10 for Windows
  • IOS 10 iPad Mini or iPad


  • Supported in Google Chrome 49+ for Windows
  • Safari 9 and Google Chrome 49+ for Mac
  • Vend definite Register iPad software along with Safari 9 for iPad Mini or iPad


  • Supported in USB Model,  Star TSP100 143/TSP100, 43 LAN and Epson TM T88V LAN for Windows
  • Supported in Star TSP100 143/ TSP100 LAN, and Epson TM-T88V LAN for Mac
  • Supported Epson TM-T88V, Star mPOP,/ 650II BTI/ TSP100 (143),  in iPad or iPad Mini

Hardware Requirements (Peripherals)

Receipt Printers

  • Star TSP100 USB /TSP 100 (143) LAN, and Epson TM-T88V for window
  • Epson TM-T88V, Star 650II BTI/ TSP 100 (143) LAN/ Star TSP100 USB for mac
  • Star 650II BTI/ TSP 100 143 /mPOP and the Epson TM-T88V for iPad Mini or iPad

Barcode Scanners

  • USB Honeywell 1400G for Windows
  • Motorola CS3000 or Socket Mobile 7Ci Honeywell 1400G USB7Qi for Mac
  • Hollow Mobile 7Qi or 7Ci  iPad or iPad Mini

Cash Drawers: Star SMD2 1214/ SMD2 1317. mPOP (iPad Mini/ iPad)

Barcode Printing: Turbo Dymo 450

Common Issues Encountered with Vend POS

The software for multi-users depends on all the requirements of their retailer business available. Nevertheless, the users sometimes come across issues in functioning in the software. Several general problems found to the great compliment of Vend POS is given below:

  1. Contact support for any problem on account
  2. No integral payment procedure. The user passes through 3rd-party payment procedure.
  3. The user sometimes faces delay while functioning on large orders.
  4. Necessitates highly steady network connectivity. Any instability in the connectivity to the server and then the software discontinues working properly.
  5. Syncing information between diverse locations causes an issue. Many don’t suggest the application for the multi-store industry.

Vend POS Support

Who We Are

POSTechie is a customer care agent offering high-class services for accounting application its incorporation with 3rd-party software. We are a team of skilled technical experts having years of experience in handling errors and problems faced while functioning on a Point Of Sale system. The team is well-prepared with latest development and modification made in the Point Of Sale world assuring swift solution of even the new tools incorporated within this software. Furthermore, you can also connect the technical team for any added details pertaining to all POS software as they are well-knowledge in all the advanced technology and latest tricks used by software businesses to develop their Point Of Sale applications.

Contact Vend Support Phone Number

It is generally recommended to contact with our team who has comprehensive knowledge in regard to software that has incepted the Point Of Sale software being used. If the issue continues, you can connect to benefit high-class services for the Point of Sale software being used. You can contact us on our Toll-Free Helpline Number / or go to the website PosTechie to chat via online chat option.