Uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager

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Over time QuickBooks has become an integral part of many small and medium-sized business owners to run and manage their accounts. The software comes with various helpful features for their customers and one of them is the sync manager, but at times there can be situations where a user of this accounting software might have to uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager. This article gives the steps on how to do that.

What is a Intuit Sync Manager?

QuickBooks developer Intuit provides this service of Intuit Sync Manager to its customers. The QuickBooks Sync Manager enables a user to organize the reports that are there in the database of the QuickBooks about the company and business with the corresponding cloud copy.

The sync manager option allows a third party to establish a connection thereby assisting the user in having a smooth and efficient integration of information. The QuickBooks sync manages service can be availed by different US versions of the software that are Enterprise, Pro, and Premier.

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Issues caused due to the use of Sync Manager

A user has to sync the company’s files in the QuickBooks database in case they want to integrate it to the cloud. However, while doing so a user may face few issues:

  • A user launches the file of a company accidentally.
  • Sync Manager program being run unintentionally
  • Without using the Sync manager relocating a company’s file to a different computer
  • Database server error, it causes problems in synchronizing the data.

All these above issues can lead to a user having to uninstall QuickBooks Sync Manager.

Solving the Sync Manager Problem

When QuickBooks syncing manager is giving trouble, there are solutions for that, one of them is uninstalling the Sync Manager. However, before going to that step, one needs to bear in mind that uninstalling it would do the following:

  • The various QuickBooks services that are there online will not be effective for the user, as the company database will not get synced when he/she uninstall Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager. So the user needs to make sure that no important data is un-synced prior to uninstalling.
  • Under the sync manager the listed company file that is there is to be removed.
  • Prior to the uninstalling of the program, the syncing should be stopped completely and the user should check that no file is being synced.

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Closing the Application Manager

To ensure that the syncing is stopped completely, one can use the application manager to do that. The steps to do them are:

 First Method

  • Click on the Help menu on the top
  • From the drop down list select the Manage Data Sync Option
  • On clicking that a box with the message ‘Clear Sync System’ will appear
  • Click on ‘Clear Sync System’ and it will clear up all the synced settings that was previously done

Second Method

  • Click on the Edit option on the Menu Bar
  • It will show a list of alternatives
  • User will see the option of Integrated Applications, click on that
  • The title Company Preferences will appear
  • From the Company Preferences tab, select Intuit Sync Manager and then click on the Remove Option.

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Get QuickBooks Expert Help:

These steps should help the user to uninstall and solve the problem with Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager. If still a user faces some issues, then get in touch with our QuickBooks Point of  Sale guide Helpdesk on live Chat. The experts of UsingPOS QuickBooks Application Help are always available to help you with your issues in any hour of the day.