Troubleshoot Credit Card Reader Not Working In QuickBooks POS

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QuickBooks is a brilliant software program that helps businesses inaccurate accounting. However, sometimes it shows errors. One of the most common error is your credit card Reader not working in QuickBooks POS. It is always easier to fix the issue with the assistance of QuickBooks certified experts, but you may proceed with some essential steps in order to fix the issue yourself. Find the details below.

πŸ”° Why Credit Card Reader Not Working in QuickBooks?

  • The Credit Card Reader is incompatible with the QuickBooks
  • You are using an older version of Credit Card Reader
  • You are using an older version of QuickBooks POS
  • Incorrect installation of Credit Card Reader on your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Chip credit card isn’t enabled on the Merchant Service etc.

πŸ”° Steps to Fix the Credit Card Reader is not working in QuickBooks POS

Here are the mentioned steps which you have to follow when Credit Card Reader is not working in QuickBooks POS:

  • Make sure the credit card reader is connected with your device
  • Enable the Credit Card into the Merchant Service
  • Ensure that the credit card is set into the reader properly while processing the transaction
  • Sometimes, your old Credit Card Reader may not perceive QuickBooks programming. In such cases, you need to contact QuickBooks and get another Credit Card Reader that is good with the product.
  • In case you have a chip credit card reader, and you are unable to swipe on the QuickBooks desktop, at that point you have to provide your credit card information manually.
  • Ensure your QuickBooks program is update or install the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of Credit Card reader.

πŸ”° Troubleshooting steps while swiping the cards

These points can help you to resolve the issues while swiping the cards:

πŸ”· Test the connection of your card reader

Double-check if the card reader is connect to the PC through the USB port. Ensure that the reader is compatible before swiping the card. Once the light is green on your credit card reader, it is ready to accept the card.

πŸ”· Make sure you are utilizing a compatible card reader

Only those devices that are purchased from the Intuit are completely supported. Make sure you have a MagTek USB card reader device.

πŸ”· Utilize the direct USB connection

Plug your reader directly into the USB port of your PCs, not via the keyboard or the USB hub. Switch the ports and then restart your PC, if required.

πŸ”· Swipe your card appropriately

Face the magnetic stripe of your credit card towards the light. Then swipe your card from either end.

πŸ”· Check the magnetic stripe of your card

In case it is unable to read the card, then the magnetic stripe of your card may be damage. Verify the stripe of your card for any buildup and wipe it off.

πŸ”· Check your card reader

In the event that the light is red, it implies that the card reader is unable to read your card effectively. In case this is happening, the magnetic head of your card may require cleaning. You may buy cleaning cards at your office supply stores. In case the credit card reader blinks or beeps, or if the card information appears to be inadequate or either garbled onscreen, then the credit card reader might be damage or inappropriately configured. Then contact the maker.

πŸ”· Try a different card or computer

Try diverse kinds of the credit card to check whether the card itself or either the type of credit card may be the cause of the issue. You can likewise try utilizing the card reader as well as swiping the credit card on another PC. A PC’s security setting may have blocked the card reader from working appropriately.