QuickBooks POS not Reading Credit Card

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QuickBooks is accounting software engineered and launched by Intuit. Its powerful features include marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solutions. Each solution is designed to easily manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of all business sizes.

Declined in QuickBooks POS not reading Credit Card is one common issue that QuickBooks users are encountered with. Read the following lines to understand the causes and steps-to-take to resolve the issue.

Why is QuickBooks POS not Reading Credit Card?

Basically, Credit Card declined error is caused due to two major reasons: credit card error and Credit Card Reader error. Read further below to understand the reasons, detailed below.

Credit Card error

  1. The credit card has been use to make an international purchase.
  2. The unprotected purchase has been detecte.
  3. The credit card has reached its limit or passes due.
  4. Invalid entry of account number.
  5. The credit card has not been electronically authorize by the bank.
  6. The credit card has reached it’s expiring date.
  7. The info in the records does not match the statement given.
  8. The credit card must have been deactivate by another user.

Credit Card Reader error

  1. The Credit Card Reader is unable to coordinate with QuickBooks.
  2. The Credit Card Reader is not an updated latest version.
  3. QuickBooks software has not been update with the latest version.
  4. The Credit Card Reader has been incorrectly installe on the QuickBooks Desktop.

Step to resolve the issue

You can follow the steps given below to rectify QuickBooks reading Credit Card issue.

To solve Credit card- related issues

  1. Enable Credit Card in Intuit Merchant Service.
  2. When processing a transaction it is important to make sure that the credit card is place properly in the reader.
  3. Enter only the street number, while entering an address. It should not contain any special characters or multiple sets of number.
  4. Have your customer contact with their issuing bank to confirm about the sufficient balance on the card to precede the transaction.
  5. If the customer is using the international credit card, make reference of this workaround for international cards.

To resolve Credit Card Reader issues

  1. Check that the Credit Card Reader is firmly connect to the device.
  2. Get your QuickBooks update with the latest version and always keep it up-to-date.
  3. Refresh your QuickBooks by uninstalling and reinstalling the QuickBooks software.
  4. Also, keep your Credit Card reader updated and upgraded.
  5. If the Credit Card Reader contains a chip and you are unable to swipe on QuickBooks desktop, then manually enter the Credit Card details.
  6. In cases, when QuickBooks software is unable to recognize old Credit Card Reader. Get a new Credit Card Reader compatible with the latest QuickBooks software.

If you still cannot resolve your problem following the above-given steps, then you can reach out to us. Our helpline is available 24/7 to offer you the best solution possible. Please contact us on QuickBooks POS Expert /, or mail us on info@usingpos.com You can even contact us via live chat on our Live Chat guide System on our website.