QuickBooks Point of Sale Not Working

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While QuickBooks has given quite a lot of benefits to its users, the QuickBooks Point of Sale or QuickBooks POS aides its users in many more ways.

However, there are times when QuickBooks POS does not work. There are issues that might be quite frustrating for the users using QBPOS.  This article will give you the ways in which you can troubleshoot the problem of QuickBooks Point of Sale Not Working.

Why use QuickBooks Point of Sale?

QuickBooks POS offers quite a few added features like:

  • There is real-time inventory tracking that helps you in identifying what is in stock, what is less or not there hence what needs to be ordered.
  • It helps in providing better-personalized service to customers, as there are reporting tools that can track customer’s requirement and interests.
  • They have the integration capabilities that can electronically transfer sales information to QuickBooks accounting software. This ensures that there are no dual entries and no data error entries.
  • It can easily connect with the sales accepting credit cards hence can keep the checkout lines moving.

How to Fix Error QuickBooks Point of Sale Not Working

But once you get all these benefits using QuickBooks POS, it becomes quite a downer when POS stops working properly.  So below are some of the errors that you might encounter with QuickBooks POS. If you can identify the error, follow the steps given below to solve the issue.

Often a user faces the problem in which the server fails to establish a connection. This can be easily resolved by rebooting the client system.  Even after the reboot the problem continues then follow the next steps for troubleshooting

Server Connection Issue

  • Switch off the workstation of QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Reboot the server and wait for some time patiently.
  • After the reboot is complete, try and reboot the client workstation.
  • Start the QuickBooks POS on the client workstation.

Error Code 176109

This error indicates that there is an Invalid Product Code or Invalid Product Number Errors.

This happens at times when you have upgraded the POS to a newer version or had added more users or client license to an existing network of POS. Also, it might occur if you have entered invalid or wrong product codes. You can rectify the issue by following these steps:

  • Click on Help
  • Select About Point of Sale and look for the Product Number
  • If the product code is correct, ensure that you have logged in as administrator for the Windows.
  • If you eliminate the administrator rights then the files in Point of Sale Client Entitlement folder can get damaged. You can repair the damages by following the next steps
  • Click on the start button
  • Next, go to the Control Panel
  • Select the Folder Options
  • Choose the View tab
  • Select hidden files folders or drives
  • Click on OK

Consult our experts to know the exact location.

Tracking Promotions

With QuickBooks Point of Sale, users can track and report on the sales. But at times the software fails to do the reporting properly. If that is the case then you have to contact our technical help team of QuickBooks Point of Sale so that they can fix the issue. Our team will also guide you through the process of how to rectify it step-by-step.

Installation Errors in Updates

There are times when some specific update releases cause some errors or slow down the software. For example, if you have upgrades POS 12.0 R1 to R4 then the opening of company data file can take longer. The issue can be fixed:

  • Ensure there are three times the disk space in C drive than the company data file.
  • Upgrade all the workstations to R4 releases.
  • Complete the full upgrade before using POS.