QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0 With Merchant Account

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QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0With the latest release of QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0, users can access all the data with no difficulty. QuickBooks POS is particularly designed and formulated with the skillful association with Merchant account that makes more affordable for the user.

It consists of an effortless navigation panel which provides an absolute glimpse of the QuickBooks software to assure the business growth. It also keeps track of sales, inventory check, Download QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0 With Merchant Account customer’s data, and receivables effortlessly.

How it is implemented?

QuickBooks Point of Sale software is your easy and simple way to inventory, ring sales, manage vendors, accepts credit cards, and build client relationships.

  • Completely featured Desktop POS System
  • Manages inventory, sales, and customer tracking
  • Saves time with features like sorting, multi-tasking, and shortcuts
  • Flawless credit card processing with QuickBooks Account Payments
  • Incorporate with QuickBooks Desktop Software
  • Well-suitable for handling multi-location, large retailers

Extraordinary features of QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0 with Merchant Account

  • QuickBooks Desktop incorporation:
  1. When you agree to a payment, process the sale procedure or upgrade the inventory, QuickBooks Point of Sale upgrades the books minimizing your effort, time, and potential errors.
  2. At the end of the sales day, you will have your POS sync with QuickBooks Desktop minimizing the double entries, time and errors.
  3. QuickBooks Desktop POS helps you handle your books upgraded throughout the year so that when tax time arrives, you’ll be prepared
  • Manage Customers: Take Customer Relation Management to the higher level.  Manage and administer customer history like credit available, the balance owed, special offers and, loyalty program status to your transaction account every time you make a modification to a sale.
  • Manage Inventory:
  1. Your inventory is upgraded with every new transaction giving you the complete knowledge of does and doesn’t.
  2. You also receive information like about your bestsellers, things need to be reorganized, and progress.
  3. You can view accurately the customers report like buying or not buying so that you can make changes according to that.
  • Make Sales & Accept Payments:
  1. Modify the sales according to your wants. By using an optional barcode scanner; you can manually enter item numbers or names in your computer system or any Android device.
  2. You can also begin the CRM procedure right at the POS by adding customer information and offering discounts to know the customer better.
  3. Approve the procedure and record debit or credit card sales in just single step. You don’t require including information twice because your accuracy is already greatly increased.
  4. You can manage transactions faster and allow customers efficient services!
  5. QuickBooks POS is an EMV prepared and designed to help in payment technology for better data security.

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