QuickBooks Not Compatible with Windows Upgrade

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There are times when QuickBooks fails to work with Windows mainly after Windows update. QuickBooks users have often complained that they have faced the problem where QuickBooks not compatible with Windows Upgrade.

This article will give an overview of the QuickBooks version that is supported by Windows 10 upgrades and how to work around it if the problem continues.

The Windows 10 Updates

🔷 The start menu of the Windows 10 now looks similar to that of Windows 7.

🔷 The new updated version had a virtual desktop. It is known as the task switcher.

🔷 A new version of .Net framework (4.6) is there.

🔷 There is a new browser called Edge in Windows 10 along with the Internet Explorer 11.

QuickBooks That is Compatible with Windows 10 Upgraded Version

♻ QuickBooks 2016 R7 and Later

Windows 10 is very much compatible with people using QuickBooks 2016 R7. In case you are one of those who are using QuickBooks which is the earlier version of R7 then you have to immediately update QuickBooks to the latest version so it can work with Windows 10.

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However, if you have installed QuickBooks 2016 R7 or its later version then you do not have t do anything. You can just straight away start working on QuickBooks after updating Windows to Windows 10.

♻ QuickBooks 2015 and QuickBooks 2016 (R1- R6)

Initially, QuickBooks makers did not find any issues with QB2015 but it is recommended that you check the operating system that the version Solution from our Expert team or online. However, if you wish to open QuickBooks 2015 on Windows 10 you should ensure that you have enabled .NET framework 3.5. You might have to enable it manually after checking since Microsoft puts it in a disabled status by default.

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Once you have enabled the .NET framework 3.5 you are likely to be able to work on QuickBooks with Windows 10 despite the fact that the operating system does not solution QuickBooks.

How to Enable .NET Framework 3.5?

🔹 Go to Start and click on it.

🔹 Search for Turn Window features On or Off

🔹 After locating the feature click on Turn Windows features On or Off

🔹 You will then see the option for .NET Framework 3.5. Make sure that it has been enabled at the top

🔹 If it is disabled, then click on the checkbox so you enable it.

🔹 Now reboot the system

🔹 In case it is already enabled then click on Cancel and don’t do anything.

♻ QuickBooks 2014 and Earlier

Windows 10 does not stand QuickBooks 2014 or its earlier versions. To be able to work on QuickBooks with Windows 10 you have to update the accounting software to versions, which are either QuickBooks 2016 or later ones.

QuickBooks Crashes While Sending Forms

Users of QuickBooks with 2017 and 2018 are still facing the issue of non-compatibility with Windows 10, mainly in the QuickBooks multi-user mode. Users are seeing the error message ‘Error 193:0xc1 Windows could not start QuickBooksDBXX service on Local Computer’.

When the user is facing such an issue, it is advised that they contact the QuickBooks Upgrade Expert team to resolve the problem.

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Another way of resolving the issue of an older version of QuickBooks not being compatible with Windows 10, you can try the following:

🔹 If you have not installed Windows 10 update, it is recommended that turn off the update. However, this is not a good solution since it means you will be open to bad security and bad IT strategy.

🔹 Or you can update your Windows to version 10 as well as update the QuickBooks to QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks 2016 or QuickBooks 2017.

So users of QuickBooks will continue to face the problem of incompatibility with Windows 10 unless they upgrade the QuickBooks to latest versions. Also, they have to patiently wait for Windows to come up with a solution on how to remedy the problem.

If you fail to rectify it in any way, do contact our QuickBooks Upgrade Solution to help you. As we understand how important QuickBooks is for your business and the inconvenience and negative effect this incompatibility will have on your business.