QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems

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QuickBooks is useful for maintaining the accounts of a company or business. This means the software is also able to prepare invoices related to the business and the user needs to print those invoices. However there are times when a user faces QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems but it is important that the user should know how to troubleshoot the problem so that the business can run unhindered.  There are steps that can help in resolving the QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems.

Check the Printer

Before anything a user needs to check the connection of the printer and the computer when he/she has trouble with printing invoices of the company from QuickBooks.  At times a lack of proper connection via the cords of the printer, or computer can be the cause of such a problem. If the user sees that the cords are connected fine then he/she must check whether the printer is printing documents that are not of QuickBooks. If the printer is printing documents that do not belong to the QuickBooks then the user can be sure that the problem is with QuickBooks and its setting, which needs to be corrected.

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Steps to resolve QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems

1st Step: Qbprint.qbp files to be replaced.

  • QuickBooks is to be closed by the user
  • The user is then required to rename the file (qbpfile)
  • QuickBooks is to be reopened.
  • Choose the print option and start printing. If it prints then the issue has been resolved.

2nd Step: Check previous files

Try to print QuickBooks accounting files that has been saved earlier in the same format. If the file is successfully printed then the user must check the data and the accounts file, which he/she is unable to print as they might be collapsed.

3rd Step: Smaller Batches

The user is supposed to check the size of the file that he/she is trying to print. In case the user is unable to print it and the size of the file is big, try to print them in smaller batches. If this endeavor is a success then the user should print the file of accounting from QuickBooks in smaller sections.

4th Step: Printer hardware issue

If the user has earlier printed accounts invoices and documents of QuickBooks before with success and it has suddenly stopped then the user should check the following.

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  • The user needs to check the printer’s connection with the computer and the power source.
  • Also check whether the hardware of the printer is working properly and all the software of the printer is updated.
  • If all the above points checks out then the user should switch the printer off and then restart it.
  • Next open QuickBooks and select the file that needs to be printed and after than select Printer Setup and check the settings of the printer and the form that needs to be printed.
  • The user should check the printing drivers and that they are the latest one, to update it the user should visit the printer’s company website and install the latest driver.

If you are unsure on how to go further, you can choose to gain information on ways to resolve the printing of invoices issue of QuickBooks by contacting our PosTechie QuickBooks Support Phone number on 1800 935 0532.