QuickBooks Company File Not Open on Client Machine

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Quickbooks Company File not open on Client Machine let’s have a look at the steps that can help in resolving the issue, but before you get started with troubleshooting:

1️⃣ Ensure that issue you are looking forward to resolving, should be related to the company file and not with the program. Ensure that you have update the QuickBooks as per the latest release.

2️⃣ Check and verify that hosting of the company file of yours is done by single computer. Make sure that hosting is turned-off in all the systems apart of the server.

3️⃣ Ensure that QuickBooks Desktop Program you are using is not a corrupt one.

Try following these steps and get the sample file open up and if in case, you encounter any error, follow the troubleshooting steps, we are going to discuss below.

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Now, Fix Quickbooks Company File not open on Client Machine:

Solution 1: Get the QuickBooks Company File opened directly from the QuickBooks Desktop

1️⃣ Go to QuickBooks File menu, and then choose Open or Restore company

2️⃣ After that choose the radio button, which is appropriate for the file type, which you are trying to open up

3️⃣ Then, browse the file’s location

4️⃣ Choose file and then tap on Open.

Important to Remember: You will receive a prompt to choose the location, where you are willing to restore file, if in case you are trying to open the .QBM, .QBB or the .QBX file.

Solution 2: Make sure that QuickBooks Desktop Windows are prevented from Opening Automatically

If many windows are open up in company file of yours, then ensure that they are suppressed from automatically opening.

1️⃣ On the window of, No Company Open, choose company file

2️⃣ Then, press and keep holding ALT key, after that click on Open

If your company file opens up without any error, then follow the steps given below:

🔹 Go to the menu of Edit and then tap on Preferences

🔹 After that tap on Desktop View and choose, Don’t save on the desktop

🔹 After that click on OK

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Solution 3: Get .ND and .TLG Extensions Renamed on the QuickBooks Company Files

If the ND and TLG files becomes damaged then rename them to the old one, can help in opening the file.

🔹 Get the folder open up, where you have saved the QuickBooks company file

🔹 Now, go to transaction log file and right click on it and get it rename to the OLD.qbw.TLG. It should have the name same as of company file, with the file extension of .tlg.

Important to Remember: The same procedure should be follow to rename .ND file

🔹 Get the company file open. New .ND and .TLg files will be automatically create by QuickBooks

Solution 4: Get the QuickBooks Company File copy to the New Location

If the location of company file is network drive then get it copy on the local drive of the system, you are currently using or working. If in case the local file gets open, then ensure the troubleshooting of the network configuration. By downloading and running QuickBooks File Doctor, can also help you in this process.

🔹 Get the new folder create in the C Drive

🔹 Then, get that folder opened, where the you have saved the company file

🔹 Press the Ctrl key and hold it. Then, choose the company file (.qbw) and then corresponding .TLG of the company file of yours

🔹 After that, right click and then choose Copy

🔹 Then get the new folder open. Now, right click and after that choose Paste

Important to Remember: If you are unable to get the file paste to the new location and this file is on the network, then there is a possibility that someone else might be using it. Ask the concern person to log out and then try to copy again the file.

Solution 5: Get the File Extension and Properties Checked

🔹 Open that folder, where you have saved the company file

🔹 Then, go to company file and right-click on it and then choose Properties

🔹 Ensure that Type of File must be QuickBooks Company File as well as File Size is 7MB atleast

🔹 Then tap on Advanced and ensure that you uncheck the boxes of Encrypt and Compress attributes

🔹 Then click on OK

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Solution 6: Renaming the QuickBooks Company File

🔹 Then open that folder, where you have saved company file

🔹 Then, go to the file and right click on it and then choose Rename

🔹 Get the name of the file change to something which shouldn’t be more than three letters

🔹 If there is an availability of .TLG for the file and then get it rename as well

Solution 7: Troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop Program Installation

🔹 Run QBInstall Tool

🔹 After that get the QuickBooks Installation repaire

🔹 Reinstall by using the clean install

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