iPad QuickBooks POS Hardware

QuickBooks POS(Point of Sale) is a complete one point solution for ringing up sales and building better customer relationships. You can save customer preferences in order to provide better service to them. Also, complete hardware solution is provided along with the software. Hence, you get all your solutions from a single place. Hardware such as credit/debit card swipe machine, barcode scanner, QR code scanner, monitor, cash register and so on are available. These can be bought directly from Intuit or their certified dealers.

One of the best hardware equipment, compatible with the iPad. Though expensive, the QuickBooks iPad Point of Sale provides a unique experience to all the users and can easily blend into the professional setting of your retail shop. iPad brings many new features to the table, and enables users to access data while on the go. Hence, you can create reports and analyze sales data anytime,anywhere.

The iPad can also be used for manually recording items. You can use the camera to scan barcode and QR code. Hence, you won’t even have to purchase QR code scanner and Barcode scanner. The iPad is one of the best equipment’s to carry around your shop or restaurant. It will enable you to check customer preferences easily. Thus, you will know what your regular customers want from you.

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Benefits of Using QuickBooks iPad Point of Sale:

  • Both software and hardware from a single place: With QuickBooks iPad POS, you can acquire all solutions to ring up sales from a single place. Compatible hardware can be purchased along with the software.
  • Robust analysis of data: Sales data can be analyzed for key insights through which you can enhance your planning.
  • Easily record items: With a barcode scanner, QR code scanner or an iPad, you can easily record inventory items.
  • Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop: Integrate with QB desktop in order to sync data. By doing do, you can avoid manual and double entry of data.

QuickBooks POS has helped thousands of restaurants and retail shops to skyrocket their growth. QuickBooks iPad Point of sale system is a proven formula for success.

You can contact us, if you want information about iPad or any other hardware compatibility with QuickBooks POS. Our certified ProAdvisors will help you in acquiring everything you need and at affordable price.