QuickBooks Footwear Store POS Support

QuickBooks Footwear Store POS

Revolutionize the way you sell footwear by employing QuickBooks Footwear Store POS to your selling process. The software is designed with the aim of providing assistance in selling shoes to your customer swiftly and with full record. The software also holds a multitude of information regarding any particular brand, design or style. All you need to type is identification detail of the shoe and all the information regarding the same will be provided in seconds. At the time of billing also you can view whether you have any extra pair in the shop or whether you will have to order again. If you want some help, contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support.

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“I work as a sales manager in a Footwear store and on my recommendation the store owner brought in Footwear store POS software which was quite easy to install.

However, some of the functions we were not able to get and thus called in www.postechie.com who resolved is queried swiftly. “

-Patricia Morris(Mountain View, CA 94041)

Store Manager