How to Integrate QuickBooks POS with QB Desktop

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Integrate QB POS with QuickBooks is important to avoid the manually enter the data. If you have a large amount of data then it is difficult to enter it manually. You must have the updated real-time data for all the transactions before the reintegration.

If you don’t integrate it then it causes you the data entry errors like missing data, inaccuracies, etc. It also leads you the QuickBooks errors or issues. So you must Integrate it; after doing this you get many benefits that positively affect your business.

Here is the solution to Integrate the QuickBooks Point of Sale to QuickBooks. Do follow it step-by-step to get the desired results as it is provided by the technical help team directly so that you can do it on your own. You can also contact the team via QuickBooks customer helping toll-free number.

What is QuickBooks Desktop?

software for Computer. It is available in three versions Pro, Premier and Enterprise. It includes almost all features that are required for every business that is mentioned below in the table:

Features Pro PremierEnterprise
Track income & expenses
Run Report100+150+industry specific150+, Advanced reporting
Send EstimatesAdvanced pricing
Track sales tax
Manage bills & accounts payable
Track time
Track inventoryAdvanced inventory
List limit
Pay 1099 contractors
Unlimited customer supportVIP Priority Circle membership
Data backups and upgrades
Industry specific features
Mobile inventory barcode scanningAdvanced inventory
End-to-end sales order fulfillmentAdvanced inventory
Concurrent users (sold separately)Up to 3 usersUp to 5 users
Up to 40 users, Advanced roles
PayrollAdd-on; additional fees applyAdd-on; additional fees applyAdd-on; additional fees apply
Remote access via hostingAdd-on; additional fees applyAdd-on; additional fees applyAdd-on; additional fees apply
QuickBooks Desktop Comparison table

There are also more beneficial Desktop products and service such as:

🔰 Checks: QuickBooks Desktop keeps your checks secure in one place and also fill in the details automatically.

🔰 Point of Sale: Integrate your sales and inventory with QuickBooks run your business in simple manner.

🔰 Payment: It enable you to email invoices and accept online and mobile payments. You need to pay Additional fees for it.

What is QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale is developed by Intuit for the retail businesses including online and in-store. it can easily integrate with e-commerce site and also includes contactless payments, multi-channel inventory management.

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Benefits by Reintegrating QuickBooks Pos to QuickBooks

  1. It saves your efforts and time
  2. Trustworthiness is increased
  3. Technical and non-technical both persons can operate the software easily
  4. Data accuracy
  5. POS integrated system configured with many devices like iPad etc
  6. Helps in making the business robust
  7. Business productivity is increased
  8. Access the activities 24/7 hours

Best POS Systems that Can Easily Integrate with the QuickBooks

Toast POSVend
Lightspeed RetailTouchBistro
Shopify POSMiva Merchant

QuickBooks Error Related Issue: QuickBooks Error Code 3008

How to Integrate QB POS with QuickBooks

  1. First of all, you need to download and install the QuickBooks software
  2. Do connect the company data file with the software
  3. You need to open the company data file
  4. Now start the QuickBooks Point of Sale
  5. After that open the preferences of the company
  6. Click on the Financial that is seen in the left side column
  7. Check in the checkbox said Use with QuickBooks financial software
  8. Above option is found at the top right side of the left column
  9. Now it enables the QuickBooks POS to connect with the QuickBooks financial and to do a search as well
  10. It also now linked with the data files of the company that are opened
  11. A message box pops-up by asking that the file is correct and it should continue? Then give the confirmation as yes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise Syncing with POS?

Ans: The integration of a POS system with QuickBooks Enterprise saves time for your employees and boosts business efficiency by a factor of ten. By enabling an iPad or any other device to record payments, accept orders, monitor inventory, and do other customer-related tasks, an integrated POS system makes your business more resilient.

The preconfigured POS system with QuickBooks Enterprise also simplifies your and your employees’ day-to-day business responsibilities. You may access many important operations at any time, and your employees don’t need advanced professional training or experience to operate the various technologies that you use to stimulate end-user demands of consumers.

Overall, integrating QuickBooks with POS allows you and your organization to enter data in several areas at the same time, increasing the efficiency of your team and business.

Q2. What are the Steps for Integrating POS with QuickBooks Enterprise?

Ans: After learning about the necessity of POS integration with QuickBooks Enterprise, you might be wondering how to connect your POS system to QuickBooks. To address your query, here are the actions you must do to ensure that these two fantastic QuickBooks products work together seamlessly.

1️⃣. Work on the Point-of-Sale (POS) Server
When connecting QuickBooks with POS, this is the first step that must be taken. A POS server is a computer that stores POS data files and that you must utilize to conduct everyday business activities. You must now access the financial data file before starting QuickBooks POS.

2️⃣. In the POS, Open the Company Preferences Tab.
The next step in connecting QuickBooks with POS is to go to the POS Company Preferences menu and double-click Financial in the left column.

3️⃣. Select Use with QuickBooks From the Drop-Down Menu.
After completing the second step, check the box labeled “Use with QuickBooks accounting software” on the right side of the column. At this point, QuickBooks POS Upgrade will look at the QuickBooks accounting software installed on the same computer and connect to the open financial data file automatically. Then a confirmation notice will appear, asking if the right file is linked or not.