Hardware Bundle Large QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Point of Sale software designe by Intuit has been acknowledge quite felicitously in the financial market with many business owners finding the software apt in regards with tracking of sale order resulting in the end with successful sales along with access to debit/credit payments ensuring long term relationship with old existing customers and vendors, while garnering loyalty of the new ones. In order to start with their Point of Sale software integrated with the QuickBooks, user first need to setup the whole software by purchasing and connecting the whole hardware components followed by fixing them with the software part of the POS. Once the product is assemble and connect, the user can use the software under one platform. In order to provide proper guidance on which add-on tools work in full compatibility with the POS software, Intuit has set up one main Hardware Bundle Large QuickBooks POS that is explaine in detail below:

Hardware Bundle with EMV Compatibility for QuickBooks Point of Sale Software:

Offering comprehensive solution in regards of full congeniality with EMV Pin Pad ensuring swift completion of Point of Sale tasks, this group of hardware tools comes together in perfect tandem to erect formidable POS software. It is imperative for the user to have an activate account with QuickBooks Payments system through which payment of the software can be processe as the bundle will only get shipped once the payment section is complete with QuickBooks. This software is an edited and abridged version of Basic POS software bundle and accords users with top level and quality of tracking adeptness. This version of QuickBooks POS Pro software is equippe with tools that afford easy and customization accessibility of information in regards with business’ standing under one platform.

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It is a lucrative option to keep the sales prowess of the company on track, know what is selling high and where the business needs to improve in terms of stock management. The software includes following hardware pieces that when combine together forms an intriguing sum of different components ensuring users is accorded with all require information in one place:

  • Black Printer Driven 16 inches * 16 inches MF Valu-Line Drawer for Cash
  • User License – 1 for Intuit’s QuickBooks POS Pro version 12.0 Software
  • USB Barcode Scanner and Stand – Honeywell 1300G.
  • 1 USB for Thermal Receipt Printer – Star TSP143IIU
  • Compatible assurance of all hardware products with QuickBooks Point of Sale guaranteed.
  • Free EMV Pin Pad – Ingenico ipp350
  • Intuit provides free full service technical help for a period of 30 days.
  • Complete set of interface cables for hardware connection are also include.

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