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The user can maintain tracks of the entire account system of the business by using Point of Sale. POS is also competent enough in stock administration and also work on billing in a more efficient and easier manner. By using Point Of Sale, all the details normally needed for sale like Price, product name, date, quality are recorded and stored catering the overall business accounts. The POS covers the wide range of companies like vape shop, coffee shop, jewelry, bakery, footwear, bookstore etc. There are several organizations who have adopted POS with the expectation of attaining a stimulating height of reputation and growth. Among them, one of the most suggested names that have accomplishes the target under the Shopify brand.

What is Shopify basically meant for Point of Sale?

Shopify is well-known for its user-friendly platform and simple customization which has to compel Point OF Sale to collaborate on this platform. However, as Shopify emerge out to enlarge the service from e-commerce to other areas; it started giving intense competition to well-known software as well. Today this brand is popular for POS as it online shopping software and stores. Basically, the collaboration of Shopify and POS under one roof has been wonderful and beneficial for the companies with a limited budget or small-size businesses. But at the time, it cannot be ignored that there are some serious issues encountered while working on the software and resolving which the user literally have to struggle. Understanding the need and requirement, we have trained a team of customer care experts to solve any problematic issue.

Shopify Point of Sale Support service

Understanding Shopify Point of Sale as the main pillars for the small and midsize businesses, it’s very essential to offer the best support requirement as per the errors encountered by the customer. As most of the user keep searching for high-class IT specialist to keep the software function smoothly without any error. We offer numerous medium to help you out of doubt and queries which you can avail easily like video tutorials, online chat discussion, webinars and panel, Live chat support. Also, the user can register with Shopify customer service point of sale that can be received through the information and also by directly calling the customer care executive.

Shopify customer support phone number
Shopify customer support phone number: Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. And this is Shopify POS Support

Key features of Shopify Point of Sale

  • Enhance the business with more visibility: By being connected with Shopify POS user are accorded with an added feature. This guarantee to offer an online presence in enhancing the business growth and wider opportunities of connecting to the higher customer perspective across the world.
  1. Make complex procedure, simpler with the centralized stock administration
  2. Purchase or sell goods online with the choice of cash back
  3. Sell goods more conveniently and deliver to the accurate home address
  • With the third party shipping apps, it makes your fulfillment process automatic: Shopify POS makes all the online order accomplishment procedure automatic till the successful delivery. Also, you can combine with most of the shipping business to the nearest area that can easily enable to track any information.
  • Track discounts, set up and use: With Shopify, you can get:
  1. Avail unlimited usage depending on the discounts with maximum benefits catering military or senior citizens and frequent buyers
  2. Limitation on the time limit restriction to offers like discounts for the particular time limit.
  3. Follows first come first system door to door sale of a product with special discount

Hardware system Requirement:

Each and every application or software comes up with specific system requirement both for hardware and system. One essential requirement for Shopify is a stable mode of the Android devices. However, Shopify has a specific set of system and hardware requirement depending on the needs and requirements of the company.

  • Heckler Windfall for iPad: IPAD STAND: This is of small size and easily portable due to its lightweight that if needed is steady. This has the mobility of 360degree assuring to provide the customer with information and details without any disturbance. Moreover, it is supported in Ipad 2-4.
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450: Barcode Printer: The barcode printer incorporates with the label printer and system via USB cable with the capability to print around 51 labels in a minute. Any costly toner or ink is not required in the printer since it utilizes thermal printing tools. You also gave choice to print shipping labels for numbers of orders along with barcodes.
  • Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci: Barcode Scanner: User also gets a wireless barcode scanner which can simply be incorporated with Shopify POS system. It is very popular among organizations and has also received certifications from Apple to connect and use an iPad without any disturbance. It also provides wide-range barcode scanning choice up to 100 with high battery backup up to 19 hours.
  • Star Micronics TSP143LAN: Receipt Printer: Creative and customized receipts could be printed effortlessly with most reliable Receipt Printer. It is very convenient, fast, user-friendly and a great platform for the users by executing wireless printer via iPad. But the USB release is not accessible.
  • APG Vasario 320 1616: Cash Register: Reliable and study cash drawer with high-standard locking process and broad tray for 5 bill choice assuring all the cash created is protected and safe. You also have the opportunities of starting wirelessly the cash drawer via applications on iPad or certain keys as per requirements.

Common issues found in Shopify Point of Sale:

Basically, the software is incorporated with high-quality performance and excellent features to cater to all needs and requirement of the industry. However, along with all connected features, users also encounter serious errors while operating the system software. Some of the mostly found issues of Shopify Point Of Sale are described below:

  • Although the application offers innovative and advanced features with high-standard subscription plans but the basic plans are not supported to the user
  • As the pricing plan becomes higher, the subscription fee to becomes too expensive.
  • All the subscription doesn’t provide a choice of using quality tools such as Automatic discount offer and Advanced Analytic

Why choose PosTechie for your Shopify Point of Sale customer support?

  • PosTechie is a support serving offering quality services for accounting software with a third-party application like Point of Sale.
  • We have capable technical experts who have years of experience in undertaking errors and issues faced while working on a POS system.
  • Equipped with the best ideas and modification made in POS making sure of perfect resolution to errors.
  • Moreover, you can also get in touch with the technical member for any supplementary information associated with Point of Sale as they are well trained with latest tricks and equipment used by software business to improve their POS software.
Gain Contact Support for Shopify Point of Sale

Given all the necessary information, hope you are able to fix the basic issue. However, at such where more information is needed to solve the encountered issue, you could immediately connect with our technical service to avail service. In such a scenario you can connect with our team to garner top-notch services for Shopify Point of Sale application being used by calling at our Toll-Free Number / available for 24 hours or by browsing to a website and chat via Live Chat Support.