QuickBooks POS Multi Store 18.0 With Merchant Account

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Intuit QuickBooks POS 18.0 offers amazing services to swift business productivity. With this approach, you get valuable information that requires the most to know from where you get profit or where you need to improve process/quality. For retail stores, Intuit QuickBooks POS is introduced to be cost-efficient, easy to run, and one of the best ways to reach your business’s goals. You will find clear visibility towards business profits and losses. It might help you to look at the sales, customer satisfaction rating, and sales record. 

Basic Features

  • It offers ecommerce integration that provides you access to manage all processes in one place. 
  • With Real-time inventory, you find all updates and  significant control over expenses 
  • It offers more choices for contactless payments and new changes to speed up the checkouts
  • You can collect all information from the customer centre to take right business decision 
  • Meet with in-built features to manage the common task fastly 
  • With advanced reporting features, checkout the test trends 
  • Ring up your sales on all smart ams iOS devices 
  • Manage the Staff access to the POS system 

Why QuickBooks POS Multi Store 18.0 with Merchant Account required?

  • Grow your business with e-commerce
  • You get inventory updates across all the channels with each sale, order, and return.
  • Manage inventory in all fields such as department, style, vendor, color, and size
  • With automated inventory sync, you can control control overselling