What I do when i receive QuickBooks Error Code -6123,0 – Learn & Fix

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The software is quite powerful, filled with every essential feature that could be required by the users; however, it is quite prone to get errors that can be annoying for the user as this will affect the workflow of the business. One such error is 6123, -0 that generally occurs when the connection with the company file QuickBooks gets interrupted or lost. The reason behind this lost connection can be anything from any feature usage and installation issue to update or upgrading of the software. In case the issue is not resolved quickly it is quite possible that the user will lose some of their work that will impact business in future. To aid in resolving of this issue QuickBooks error support are readily available manned by customer representative who themselves is quite adept in QuickBooks issues so that the customer is guided in correct direction.

To resolve the issue of QuickBooks error -6123, -0 the user needs to be aware of certain information that is illustrated below for their perusal:

Causes Behind QuickBooks Error -6123, -0

  • The network connectivity is not stable or totally lost.
  • QuickBooks network file with extension – .ND is either missing or corrupted.
  • The computer system on which the software is hosted is in either hibernation mode or Standby mode.
  • Firewall settings are restricting the proper access to the files of QuickBooks software.
  • The data file maintained and stored of the company is damaged and not working.
  • The installation files downloaded for QuickBooks software are damaged and cannot be accessed.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error -6123, -0

Considering the many probable reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error -6123, -0 there are many possible ways to resolve this issue. Each cause comes with its own set of resolution method that is enumerated below. It is imperative that user tries all the methods in the sequence given below and also try to reach their QuickBooks file after every resolution as any method could solve the problem. Although there is a 90% guarantee that the methods can resolve this issue swiftly, however, in case the issue still persists it is recommended to contact the customer and error support of QuickBooks for immediate resolution.

Start with the first method; however, try to open QuickBooks file after each step in order to figure out the main root cause of this error.


  1. First and foremost try to establish network connectivity with the computer system hosting the software. Ensure that the web connection is stable.
  2. Change the configuration setting of the both software and hardware of network in order to give add QuickBooks under permission for access of company files.
  3. Try to fix the missing or damaged company file of QuickBooks with extension .ND in the computer system hosting the QuickBooks software.
  4. Go back from hibernation or standby mode of computer system by toggling back and forth on the computer system hosting the QuickBooks software along with the company file.
  5. If the above step still doesn’t resolve the issue then first close and then try to restart the database service of QuickBooks on the same system which is hosting the company file of the software.
  6. Perform a proper verification to ensure that the company file of QuickBooks has not become damaged.
  7. Try to restore the installation files of QuickBooks which has been damaged.
QuickBooks Error 6123,0

As advised before the methods, user needs to keep trying to access the QuickBooks company file after completion of every method as this will demonstrate the real reason behind this error. If even after the last method of repairing damaged installation files of QuickBooks do not work, then the user needs to completely uninstall the QuickBooks file and then reinstall it cleanly. However, if the issue still persists then the user can try to connect with QuickBooks Point of Sale support team setup by Intuit to garner prompt assistance in the resolution of QuickBooks error -6123, – 0. If the customer support is not able to be connected, user can try other support agencies. One such agency called PosTechie.com can be contacted for this kind of errors through their Toll Free Number – / or browse the website for online chat options.