Fix QuickBooks Error 15 on a file conversion to MAC

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Intuit has designed QuickBooks accounting solution in such a way that anyone can easily work on it. It is available for both Microsoft Windows as well as MAC. You can smoothly work on MAC but there are chances that you encounter some technical errors. These technical errors can be classified as runtime errors, logic errors or syntax errors. One such technical error in QuickBooks Error 15 which occurs when you try to convert a file to MAC.

QuickBooks Error 15

You generally come across this error when you are using both Windows and MAC systems. In such cases, you may need to convert one file to another as QuickBooks for MAC has some restrictions. While transferring your data not every file is converted, as there are cases when your one company file gets converted to the MAC format successfully and other shows QuickBooks Error 15. Sometimes, rebuilding the data file also cannot help you as this error may still persist. So you need to rectify this error and then use your file.

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 15

If you encounter this error, follow the solutions mentioned below to resolve it. These solutions are recommended by QuickBooks professionals which will help you in rectifying your QuickBooks Error-15.

Solution I:

  • Go to File Option.
  • Select Utilities.
  • Select the option Copy company file for QuickBooks MAC.
  • Choose desktop or any other area on your system’s local C:\ drive to save your exported file.
  • Click on Save.

Solution II: Troubleshooting steps (Run the Rebuild Utility)

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  • Open QuickBooks in your system.
  • Click on QuickBooks File menu.
  • Go to Utilities option > Rebuild Data.
  • You will receive a dialog box with a prompt which will ask you to create a backup for your company file.
  • Click on OK.
  • It may be time taking and you may also see a message displaying “QuickBooks is not responding”. If your cursor is moving it means your backup process is running and you should wait until the process is finished.
  • Click OK as you see this message, “Rebuild has completed and proceeds with next step”.

Solution III: Troubleshooting steps (Run the Verify Utility)

  • Open File menu and select Verify Data under Utilities.
  • Click Ok as you see this message, “QuickBooks detected no problem with your data”.
  • Now, you can use your company file without any issue.
  • If Verify Utility encounters some issue with your data then you will receive a prompt to Rebuild Now or View Errors.

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These solutions are recommended by Intuit Experts and will immediately resolve your QuickBooks Error-15. Still, if you have any query or issues, you can instantly get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Support. In case you are unable to do so, then contact QuickBooks POS Error Support. They are third party QuickBooks consultancy who provides support to millions of QB users globally. You can call on their customer support Toll Free number +1-800-935-0532. You can connect with them at any point of time as they provide 24/7 services.