QuickBooks Desktop Screen Turned Black

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Intuits has developed a QuickBooks Desktop application, which the user can purchase and install in their computer system. It is used by all business sizes to better manage their sales, accounting, products features, and other business processes. Users may face common display issue, the “QuickBooks Desktop Screen Turned Black”. Read further below to have vivid knowledge of the issue and find a better solution to solve the problem.

Causes for QuickBooks Desktop Screen Turned Black?

The user faces a screen display error “QuickBooks Desktop Screen Turned Black”.

It occurs when an user uses QuickBooks desktop for month and skip update.

Sigh of Error QuickBooks Desktop Screen Turned Black

👉 Unable to find some buttons

👉 Unable to view the sizing icon on the window

👉 Unabl e to fit in transaction form on the screen

👉 The screen gets distorted while minimizing or maximizing it

👉 The fronts size becomes very big

How to Fix When QuickBooks Black Screen Comes?

Here are some expert solutions that you can try to fix screen display error. You should first try the first steps that are given, if it does not work, then follow the next steps accordingly.

Solution 1- Restart QuickBooks Desktop

1️⃣ Click the Start button on the Window

2️⃣ On the start menu, type Task Manager. The Window Task Manager will be open to you

3️⃣ View the processes running currently on your computer by clicking on the Processes Tab

4️⃣ Click on QBW32.exe or QuickBooks (32 bit)  and click on End Process or End Task, whichever you find

5️⃣ Close QuickBooks properly

Solution 2 – Reboot QuickBooks Desktop

To reboot Window 10/8 system

💠 Click on Start Menu

💠 Tap on the Power button for Window 10, or Power Options button for Window 8

💠 Click on Restart

To reboot Window 7, XP, or Vista

🔹 Select the Start button on Taskbar

🔹 For Vista or Window 7, click on the small arrow that appears on the right of Shut Down button

🔹 For Window XP, click on Turn off Computer or Shut Down

🔹 Click on Restart

Solution 3- Change Window’s Theme

1️⃣ Click on Start Button and select Control panel

2️⃣ Select Personalize by clicking Right-click on the screen

3️⃣ Look for Basic and High Contrast Themes and select Window 7 Basic theme

4️⃣ Restart your system

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Solution 4 – Process reboot.bat in order to re-register QuickBooks program file

🔰 On QuickBooks Desktop icon, right- click on the mouse

🔰 Click on Open File Location

🔰 Highlight the Bat file by clicking right- click on the mouse

🔰 Tab on Run as Administrator

🔰 Ensure that the Bat is running on Windows Administrator rights

🔰 Command window will appear to you

🔰 When the utility for Bat file is complete, Window will shut automatically. Remember not to close the manually

🔰 Check your system and see that the issue has been resolved.

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