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Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) has been well received by the crowd of foodies all over the world and has gained huge popularity through the practicality and convenience offered by the most famous QSR – McDonald’s. This restaurant opened gates into a new niche market which was further exploited to its best by Subway, Wendy’s Starbucks and Burger King. This segment now is reaching the point of saturation as every week leads up to the emergence of new QSR in every corner. This has although not affected by the popular brands of Quick Service Restaurant, it has definitely led to diminishing fascination with this category of restaurant.

To ensure that your particular Quick Service Restaurants work best in terms of customer service Quick Service Restaurant POS Software and fast delivery, many companies came out with their own version of Point of Sale software which will undoubtedly bring the business some much-needed advantage against their competitors. The software helps to bring all the needed services under one platform that helps to gain an idea regarding the standing of the business in the Quick Service restaurant industry.

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One such software that has paved a wide path for itself in the QSR industry is called QuickBooks QSR POS software that performs many tasks including management of bills paid, orders received and send out, maintaining account details of the customer along with their important details like mobile number, addresses, email id, etc. The software has completely turned the QSR industry with its relatively secure way of performing tasks. Many features which have made it dear to many of its customers are listed below:

  • Flexibility in Ordering: One of the most important aspects of any hospitality industry is the level of comfort that the customer will be accorded with. A customer is bound to return where the customer service is superior and the options are not limited. With QSR Point of Sale software, users can offer its customers from a range of food items to choose from by ordering looking at the menu provided on the dashboard of the software.
  • Self-Service: The future is here in terms of a Self-ordering tool with Intuit’s Quick Service Restaurant POS system through which customers can order and create their bills which negates the need to stand in a queue. This also speeds up service quality and time.
  • Highly User Friendly: The software is created using the high quality of the combination of user-friendly interface and powerful features all packed in one. The ease, with which the user can employ QuickBooks QSR Point of Sale software, has brought huge popularity on the doorstep of the software.

The Quick Service Restaurant POS software incepted by Intuit, under QuickBooks ensures all the user needs are met and their businesses reach new heights in the least possible time. The software offers many superlative features which help the business to flourish and are listed below:

  • Approach on the go at any time of day and from any place in the world.
  • Streamlining all imperative restaurant services under one roof.
  • Cloud-hosted activities are accorded the highest possible security.
  • As the restaurant grows, so does the space within a cloud server without paying extra for it inculcating scalability feature.
  • Server dropdowns are not faced by the user; in fact, most are treated before the customer even feels its effects.
  • Smooth unification with third party programs imperative for the business.
  • Outfitted with CRM offering customized support plans for the user ensuring customer experience of the top order.

The software is supported at the helm by an experienced group of professionals handpicked by Intuit itself, who are provided complete training of all the features and tools so that they can deal with any situation whatsoever and provide a suitable solution to the aggrieved customer. Considering its popularity, it is quite possible that you will find the contact number of the software busy, in which scenario; the user can also connect with us through live chat option from our website www.postechie.com or directly call and talk with the customer care representative through Toll-Free Number of QuickBooks POS at /. We have also made a name in the industry of QSR Point of Sale software due to in house team of technical experts.

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