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With development touching new heights every single day, keeping up with new edge technology is imperative. Effective technical help for all the latest devices has become very important for being in the competition. Unleash the power of mobile retail by employing the POS software for your iPad. The iPad point of sale tool is richly featured that helps to manage your business smoothly. It quenches all your business requirements making your business soar high.

Features of iPad POS

  • Access Anytime Anywhere:

    Easily view the reports online whenever and wherever required. No restrictions of being at the office.

  • Always ON Form:

    During the internet failure scenario the “Always ON Mode” helps smooth credit card processing and receiving payments offline.

  • Seamless Integration:

    The iPad POS integrates with QuickBooks Online application. The sales info is auto updated in the software.

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iPad POS Categories

Retail POS System:

The retail POS software offers safe cloud access comprising of ingredients like a barcode scanner, cash drawer, networking tools, cables and much more that helps in processing integrated payment.

  • Commissions for employees
  • Inventory in form of matrix
  • Gift coupons
  • Podium for e-commerce
  • Scanning barcode
  • Track inventory

Quick Service POS System:

This software comprises tools like a cash drawer, barcode scanner, pin pad, networking attachments etc. that provides back-end management and integrated payment.

Features of Quick Service Restaurant POS

  • Track Inventory
  • Digital demonstration
  • Tracking the status of the order
  • Order via Mobile
  • e-Commerce terrace
  • Commissions for employees

Full-Service POS System:

QuickBooks POS involves back-end management through the networking equipment like the cash drawer, barcode scanner, pin pad etc.

Features of Full Table Service Restaurant POS

  • Ingredient Level Inventory
  • System of Kitchen Display
  • Split Tabs
  • Scheduling employees
  • Ordering Tableside
  • Customized Table templates

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Variety of Restaurants Tools

  • Managing Inventory at Ingredient Level: Tracking inventory of all the ingredients to get a picture when the stocks over and restocking are required.
  • Recipe Control: Detailing every menu items and ingredients and check the stock level.
  • iPad Syncing: iPad POS are capable of creating order from one iPad terminal and complete payment from another.
  • Ordering Tableside: The software helps to take orders directly from the servers at the table on mobile devices.

Variety of Retail Tools

Matrix Inventory: Showcases the attributes of the items in your inventory (e.g. color, size, manufacturing date etc.)

Gift Coupons: Handles your business affordable through gift card programs.

Track Inventory: Track your inventory levels in real-time that give an idea when to restock.

Sign On Screen: The users can easily write their signature with a touch of the finger or stylus.

Features & Benefits of iPad POS

  • Develops new inventory items through wired/wireless barcode scanners
  • Employee commissions
  • Integration in social media
  • Gift Coupons and loyalty programs
  • Podium for e-commerce
  • Serialization of the device
  • Integrated display screens for customer
  • Produce check inventory and purchase orders and that can be accessed anytime anywhere.
  • Quick and easy locating through Matrix inventory.
  • Returns without Receipts

Benefits QuickBooks POS Software

  • Smooth R Seamless QB integration
  • Affordable integration costs with QuickBooks Payments
  • Disagrees with PCI/P2PE standards
  • Easy training for the fresh employees
  • Always On Mode helps access at poor Internet connectivity or power outage
  • Technical Assistance round clock
  • Open API for personal requirements of the customers
  • Simple and intuitive UI for faster service
  • Integrated CRM along with the software

Powerful Inventory Management

The track at Real Time: Checks through the level of your inventory in real-time to get a fair idea of the items available at that particular time.


Records the total inventory of your single location business has on the management and POS reduces the sales count automatically. Do not prefer manual inventory count repeatedly that saves time.
Economical: Through inventory verification in real-time, users can determine the best times to reorder and by how much to manage business loss.

Auto Update Alert:

iPad POS helps automatic alerts that remind you to reorder that you may skip at times.
Create a purchase order: Generates purchase orders directly from the management console when you decide to reorder items. Record the contact details and it to their products for creating a purchase order.

How to Use QuickBooks POS on iPad?

Makes some relevent software settings to use QB POS on iPad

  • Use remote access tool
  • Host you QB POS on QB hosting and access your software through web browser
  • By using QuickBooks Online
  • Use remote access products such as QuickBooks Connect

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