How to Upgrade QuickBooks 2015 to 2018

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Intuit has recently announced that the QuickBooks 2015 will get discontinued from May 31st, 2018. So, here are some steps you should follow if you want to upgrade your application to the latest release i.e. from QuickBooks 2015 to QuickBooks 2018.

Upgrade QuickBooks 2015 to 2018

You can either install the software after re-installing it or you can over-write the software or you can also add another folder of QuickBooks 2018 along with the previous version folder. There are two ways through which you can easily update your previous version of QuickBooks Desktop application to the latest version of QuickBooks 2018:

  • Manual update
  • Automatic Update
  • On demand
  • Release download

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Before updating your software, check that the latest released product is available for your Intuit product and set your QB firewall ports properly. If it is not properly done, then it may act as a hindrance and you won’t be able to update your software.

Method I: Manual update, Download update via Internet

  • Go to download Downloads & Updates page.
  • Select Product such as Pro, Premier, and enterprise from the Product drop-down menu
  • Select version 2018
  • Choose “Get the latest updates“, later Save/Save File to get the update.
  • Once the download is complete, double-click to set up the update.
  • Restart your Windows after the completion of the update.

Method II: Manual update with the help of QuickBooks

  • Go to the File menu and select the Close Company or Log Off
  • Click on the File menu and then select Exit.
  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop and right-click on it.
  • Now, select the Run as Administrator
  • No Company Open window should not be opened on your screen.
  • Go to Help menu and select the Update QuickBooks
  • Select Option menu and click on the Mark All option from the menu.
  • Press Save
  • Go to the Update Now
  • Go to the Reset Update option and press Get Updates
  • As you updating process is complete, close the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Re-open the QuickBooks Desktop and check whether you receive a notification for the updates or not.
  • If yes then install the updates and reboot your system.

Note: by using manual update of Quickbooks you are able access the setup file onto your own computer from a different computer

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Method III: Ultralight Patch (ULIP)

Use ULIP (Ultra Light Patch) for the installation of QB upgrade. It is a characteristic in QuickBooks desktop which to send small crucial repairs without any need of a real release limitation. The patch release method can persist as in (R releases like 2017 R5).

You have two options for applying the QuickBooks fixes. Ensure all the cuticle issues, and file has fixed before the upgrading.

Method IV: Automatic update for downlad and Install Now

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and go to the Help” menu
  • Click on the tab Update QuickBooks.
  • A window opens on your screen “Update QuickBooks” click on the Update Now tab.
  • Checkmark on the checkbox” Reset Update” to delete all the previously downloaded file.
  • Select the Get Updates icon.
  • Reboot the QuickBooks application.

Method IV: automatic download for future

  • Go to the Help Menu
  • Click on the icon Update “Now.
  • Click on the tab, Yes to switch on the Automatic update.
  • Now click on the close tab.

Download QuickBooks: Download QuickBooks to Latest Versions

The solutions mentioned above are recommended by the QuickBooks professionals. In case you are facing some problem while upgrade QuickBooks 2015 to 2018, then you can contact “QuickBooks Support”. They are one of the most recommended QuickBooks support providing agency who provides 24*7 assistance globally. If you want to reach out to them, then you should give a call on their toll-free number 1800 935 0532.  There are other means also to contact them i.e. you can visit their website and request for an online chat support. This way you can instantly get in touch with the QuickBooks representative who will immediately come to your assistance.