System Requirements for Latest QuickBooks Version

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Intuit launched the latest version of QuickBooks 2018 with additional features and new system requirements. The latest version of QuickBooks can be found in Premier, Pro, and accountant edition.  This appears in a desktop version which is launched in Canada, US, and the UK. This latest QuickBooks version is accessible for Windows Operating System. If you want to use the latest version of QuickBooks and acquire the benefits and additional features, then you must remember essential terms and condition requirements to operate this version in your computer. System requirements offer the users with ample information required to guarantee your system software, hardware, and operating system to gather the least necessities for your edition of QuickBooks.

System Requirement for Latest QuickBooks Version: Important point to remember

  • Latest QuickBooks version is accessible in Windows 10 having 32 and 64 bit
  • It is not supported in the system installing operating system natively
  • QuickBooks 2018 release necessities 32 bits internet explorer as its web browser
  • Though higher GHz is recommended the minimum need for the Processor is 2.4 GHz
  • For the smooth running of the software, it’s always appreciated to have 8GB but the minimum requirement is 4 GB.
  • It is suggested to always have 8 GB RAM for up to 5 users. For 10 users its recommended to have 12GB ram and if 15 users are working then it should have 16GB and more than 20 users then having 20 GB RAM is always recommended for the latest QuickBooks version.
  • At least 2.5GB space is required in the hard disk for downloading and installation of QuickBooks software 2018 version
  • Additional 4GB disk space is needed in the system
  • Some software which is incorporated with QuickBooks necessities 60 MB space for software like Microsoft .NET 4.6
  • It is recommended by Intuit professional to save a large QuickBooks window file on the system which helps to maintain the favorable speed.
  • For the visual drive need, 4X DVD-ROM is necessary for CD installation. The user can also download it from Intuit server.
  • It is suggested that you must configure your monitor size as 1280×1024 or more if two monitors are extended.
  • Configure best default DPI setting on your computer.

For more information regarding the system requirement on Latest QuickBooks Version

Hope you are clear about the latest version of QuickBooks and the system requirement in this edition of QuickBooks after going through the above points. But if you still find confusing and wondering to know more or need additional support for the latest version of QuickBooks, then you can straightaway contact our technical specialist. They are trained in the field of service with years of experience to handle any critical issues encountered by QuickBooks users. To connect with our customer care executive, you can directly call at our helpline number /, also you can connect with them via Live Chat support of QuickBooks Upgrade Support